You Broke Us.

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Lauren stuns Michael, Jamie's leaving, and Jack pressures Phyllis.

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis tells Summer she did the right thing not going away with Fen. Phyllis leaves and Fen confronts Summer. He says Phyllis went to his parents. Fen says Jamie admitted he lied and they dropped the charges, but Summer betrayed him - he'll never forgive her.

Lauren gives Michael the cold shoulder at home. He acknowledges making a mistake, but wonders if there's something else bothering her. She complains about the rift between him and Fen. Fen arrives. Michael apologizes to them, but says he was terrified by Fen bullying Jamie and not showing any compassion. Fen hollers, "Oh so it's all my fault!" Paul arrives with Jamie, who is headed to D.C. - Ronan's been granted guardianship of him. Jamie apologizes to the Baldwins for causing trouble, and for lying. Fen tells him he never should have done that stuff to him. Later, Fen refuses to eat with Michael and storms off. Lauren reminds Fen he bullied Jamie - he was wrong too. Fen doesn't care - he leaves. Michael wants to fix things. Lauren still can't get over Michael not believing Fen. Michael says he needs her to help him with Fen. Lauren announces she's moving out. "You broke us." Fen returns later. Michael says Lauren's gone and wants to talk. Fen leaves.

Victoria and Nick arrive at the penthouse. Vikki mentions Nikki being sick. They enter. Nikki confirms she has MS and has hand tremors. She doesn't want a pity party or to be treated like an invalid. They hug her. Later, Victor tells Nikki she's brave. Nikki says she lied to the kids about being frightened. Victor gets a call that the ranch will be completed the first week of March. They choose a wedding date and kiss.

At Jabot, Jack tells Kyle he's impressed with him and Abby - John would be proud. They discuss Jack's addiction - it's still a struggle. Phyllis arrives and Kyle exits. Jack wants to celebrate the success of the new fragrance over dinner. She says they can't have the kind of dinner he wants, and reminds him of his last attempt. Jack jokes. Meanwhile, Kyle gets a call from Summer to meet. He tells Phyllis and Jack and leaves.

At home, Billy talks to Johnny about upsetting Victoria by letting Chelsea hold him, and how he's planning a surprise to make her happy. He spreads rose petals around and Vikki enters crying. Billy holds her and tells her how sorry he is about Nikki. He kneels down and asks her to marry him again - right now. They say vows. Billy tells her how thankful he is that she always forgives him and takes him back. She asks, "You're done screwing up, right?" Victoria says she'd do every misstep over again to get where they are now. They kiss. Billy gives her a ring. Victoria can't imagine her life without him. They kiss.

Jamie and Paul stop at Crimson Lights. Summer tells Jamie it was all her fault. He tells her about D.C. She says she hopes things work out and goes to greet Kyle, who asks if she wants to join Jack and Phyllis at the Club. She hugs him as Nick arrives. Nick takes Summer to the patio and complains that Kyle's too old. She says they'll be with Jack and Phyllis. Nick relents. Kyle's puzzled at Nick's concern since they're just friends. Nick watches them leave. Jamie tells Paul he's worried about what Ronan will think of him after the lie. Paul says everyone cares about him and wants what's best for him. They discuss Ricky. Paul tells Jamie he's got a do-over and he's proud of him. Jamie hugs him.

At the Club, Jack soon gets on the topic of being a couple with Phyllis - what's her problem? She says it's fear - when things were bad, they were indescribably bad. Jack wants to give this a try. Nearby, Lauren enters and heads upstairs with her bags.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Leslie tells Tyler they have to stick to the story. He says the story is falling apart.

Dylan spots Phyllis on the coffee house patio and asks, "Phyllis? You remember me?"

Nick enters the Club and sees Adam kiss Sharon. He asks her, "You and Adam? Seriously?"

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