She's Sick.

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Jack goes to Victor, Jill worries about Katherine, and Chelsea makes a decision.

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At the Club, Adam asks Chelsea what she has to tell him. Sharon offers to give them space. Chelsea says they don't need it and leaves. Sharon apologizes to Adam, and wonders why he doesn't chase Chelsea - he chased her to New Orleans. Adam says he's different now. Sharon knows he cares and is in pain. Adam says it doesn't matter.

Dylan arrives at Sharon's house and Noah tells him he's not working there. Dylan says Sharon knows who he is and hired him. Noah warns no shenanigans. Dylan concedes his actions were foolish, but he was very in love with Avery. Faith arrives and Dylan charms her by saying his superhero name is 'SuperMac'. Sharon enters. Noah gets her alone and questions her about hiring him - he's a liar. Sharon says he served their country and tried to get his love back. Noah wonders why he's staying around. Sharon says even superheroes need a soft place to land.

Kevin complains to Chloe about being cursed at Crimson Lights. She says they just lost power for a week. They just need a place to crash. Chelsea arrives. Chloe and Kevin toss around places to stay and decide to ask Esther. Chloe joins Chelsea, who says she's decided to have the baby. She can do it without Adam. Chloe warns he'll be all up in her business. Chelsea alludes to him never knowing he's the father. Billy arrives with Johnny. Chloe tells Chelsea she hates Billy but his kids are lucky to have a dad like him.

Jill is frustrated when Katherine hangs up without letting her speak to Tucker at home. Kay says Tucker's staying in Hong Kong indefinitely. Adriana arrives and asks Katherine if she was serious. Kay doesn't recall about what. Adriana says, "The job offer." Jill questions her. Adriana tells Katherine her nails are badass. Jill learns Katherine offered to hire Adriana as a personal assistant after she gave her a ride. Jill thinks a Fenmore's gift certificate would suffice as thanks for the ride. Kay says Jill used to do her nails and begins the interview. Kevin arrives and Jill explains how Adriana is glomming onto Katherine. After, Kevin and Jill question Katherine's judgement - they think Adriana's after her money. Kay insists she can trust her.

Nikki tells Jack, at the GCAC door, that Victor will know about her MS when she decides.

Jack arrives at Jabot to find Billy teasing Abby about her job description. She makes a dig about Restless Style. He calls her flighty. Abby says Ashley taught her some things and asks for a chance. Jack orders Billy to show her the ropes.

Victoria arrives at the penthouse ranting to Victor about a very positive newspaper story on Adam running Newman. Victor says Adam has become the businessman he always wanted his children to be. Victoria complains about him praising Adam. Victor won't take it back. Victoria says Newman's always been her driving passion. He snarks that it was until she married Billy Boy and wonders if she can beat Adam. Later, Jack arrives and tells Victor that he should be grateful Nikki trusts him. "She's sick." Jack explains how he came to know she has MS and then leaves. Nikki arrives and Victor silently crosses the room and kisses her hands. They discuss her not confiding in him. She says she wasn't ready to admit it was true. He feels nothing will change, but Nikki warns it can be cruel.

Victoria runs into Adam at the Club and tells him he doesn't deserve his position - it's all going to go away. Adam says Newman's flourishing and she won't knock him off that throne - she lost her edge.

Victoria enters Crimson Lights in time to see Billy let Chelsea hold Johnny. Victoria takes Johnny and Chelsea steps away. Victoria tells Billy she thinks Chelsea is working him. Billy thinks she's overwrought for another reason. She rants about Newman and says Victor and Adam are wrong - she can still be ruthless.

Nikki tears into Jack at Jabot about going to Victor. She accuses him of wanting Victor to know that he knew first. Jack denies it - he says Victor loves her and he needed to know.

Adam arrives at Sharon's house as Noah is still complaining about Dylan. Noah says, "It gets better and better," and leaves. Dylan appears. He tells Adam about working for his father. Adam comments that nothing makes a father prouder than his son following in his footsteps. Sharon puts her arm around Adam.

Adriana finds Noah at the coffee house and tells him she's been hired by Katherine. Noah laughs at her claim to be doing 'normal'. Nearby, Chloe tells Chelsea that holding Johnny means her baby fever is showing. Chelsea says she'll just have to con Adam.

Back at the penthouse, Victor reassures Nikki and urges her to tell the kids.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack asks Phyllis, "Can't we just have dinner together?" She says not the kind of dinner he wants to have.

Michael tells Lauren he made a mistake and asks if there is something else bothering her.

Billy gets on one knee and asks Victoria if she'll do him the honor of marrying him again.

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