Secrets And Lies.

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Avery learns Dylan's staying, Adam fires someone, and Lily gives Tyler the cold shoulder.

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Neil and Nick chat about Jabot and The Underground in Crimson Lights. Neil tells Nick he and Avery have something special.

Avery arrives in Dylan's hospital room and learns he checked out the night before.

At home, Sharon is frustrated trying to line up a contractor to fix her roof. There's a knock - it's Dylan. They discuss him leaving the hospital, and that Avery thinks she's the reason he hit the tree. Dylan thanks Sharon for helping him. She tells him about the damage to her roof. He offers to fix it - he ran his dad's contracting company for years.

Cane enters Chelsea's office building as she's tossing food out due to nausea. Cane tells her she needs to get her head on straight before pitching to Neil. Cane talks to her about Adam; she doesn't think there's a chance for them - he's moved on with Sharon. Cane tells her she's a good person and they laugh about their terrible parents. Cane tells her secrets and lies will kill a marriage.

In the Jabot hallway, Wheeler asks Leslie why she's not taking his phone calls about talking to the appeals judge. He reminds her if that man is released, she and her brother will be looking over their shoulders always. Leslie isn't willing to compromise their new identities. Wheeler warns it could put others in jeopardy. Neil appears as he's leaving. He questions her. She says Wheeler knew her parents and things weren't amicable - she just wants to drop it.

At the GCAC bar, Mason tells Victor he hasn't switched Sharon's pills out yet. Adam arrives as Mason promises to take care of it. Victor leaves. Adam confronts Mason and fires him.

Avery goes home and looks at Dylan's dog tags. Nick arrives. She tells him Dylan checked out of the hospital - she assumes he left town. Nick isn't sure he'll give up. Avery talks about her appeals case. Nick makes it clear he feels neglected so she kisses him and starts taking his clothes off.

Wheeler arrives at the penthouse and needles Victor about not being able to get Avery to drop the case. He admits he testified against the murderer and he'll look like a fool if he goes free. He tells Victor he owes him. Victor disagrees. Wheeler threatens to hold the situation with his daughter over his head. Victor warns he doesn't know who he's dealing with. Adam arrives as Wheeler leaves. Victor chuckles when Adam asks if he put arsenic in his coffee. Adam tells him Mason is available now. Victor calls him paranoid. Adam says he's obvious, and warns he's onto his plans with Wheeler too. Later, Victor meets with his investigator - he wants information on Wheeler, the murderer, Leslie Michaelson, and a woman named Valerie.

Dylan calls his dad to check in from Crimson Lights. He then joins Sharon and they talk roof repairs. Dylan looks at photos of Faith and says she's a good parent. Avery arrives as they're joking and laughing. Avery asks him about leaving town and learns Sharon hired him. Sharon goes to meet someone for lunch. Avery asks Dylan if he stayed because of her. They have words about her choosing Nick and he assures her his working for Sharon is strictly professional. Nick arrives and says the best man won. Dylan retorts, "I wouldn't go that far." Avery fills Nick in on Dylan's plans.

At work, Tyler tells Lily she makes the room look better just being in it. She acts funny. They talk about being stranded - he thinks they've bonded. Lily tries to get rid of him. Tyler asks what's going on. She says they're just colleagues. He asks if that's her, or her husband talking. She tells him they need to keep things on a professional level. Cane appears. Lily walks out with him and kisses him by the elevator. Tyler goes to Neil's office where Neil asks him if his sister is in some kind of trouble.

Chelsea runs into Adam at the GCAC. He still wants to know if there's something she's been trying to tell him. She says there is, but just then Sharon arrives. Adam asks, "Chelsea, what did you want to tell me?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki tells Jack that Victor will know about the MS when she decides he's ready to know.

Victoria tells Victor that Newman Enterprises was her driving passion. He hollers that was until she got married to Billy Boy.

Noah answers Sharon's door to Dylan and asks what he wants.

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