Daddy Issues.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Chelsea frets, Avery learns of the accident, and Cane and Lily celebrate.

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At home, Adam calls Sharon trying to make sure she made it home alright.

On the side of the road, Sharon calls for help after the accident and checks on Dylan who is unconscious behind the wheel of his car. She gets him to wake up. He says Avery's name and then asks where Sullivan is. Sharon tells him to hang on, she can hear the ambulance.

In her suite, Chelsea stresses over her situation. She phones someone to come over. There's a knock and she's surprised to see Adam. He wants to know what she came to say earlier. They bicker about Sharon being there in her shirt. Adam insists she tell him why she came to the house upset. There's a knock. Chelsea steps into the hall where Chloe is ranting about what is so important it couldn't wait until tomorrow. Adam asks, "Me too." Chelsea isn't saying anything so Adam is forced to leave without an explanation. Chloe says to Chelsea, "You're pregnant." Chelsea shushes her, and says she went to tell Adam and Sharon was there - he's moved on. Chelsea talks about not having the baby - she doesn't know what she's going to do. Chloe's there for her. They discuss Adam. Chloe says he has serious daddy issues and if she keeps the baby, he'll want to be in its life.

In their GCAC suite, Lily and Cane bicker about her sleeping with Daniel. She asks Cane what he thought was going on and reminds him about the lies he was telling at the time. Lily doesn't want to fight and reassures him about the solidity of their marriage. She tells him she's committed to their family and to him. Cane suggests she tell Tyler that because he's a player. Lily argues that she only sees Cane and their children. Cane says he's not going anywhere. She just wants to celebrate their anniversary. They make love. Later, they celebrate some more.

At the Club bar, Tyler complains to Leslie about spending Valentine's Day with her. She tells him Neil's upstairs, but she's finding it hard lying to him - Leslie doesn't exist. Tyler shrugs it off - so they changed their names. He reassures her that the conviction won't be overturned, but Leslie thinks it could easily happen. "Somebody's going to figure out who we are." Tyler says Valerie and Davis don't exist anymore. She asks him about Lily and reminds him that Dad thought Mom was messing around - that's what started this whole thing. She lectures about Tyler making trouble with Neil's daughter. Wheeler appears and tells them they need to come forward to say the man Avery is trying to free is dangerous. He tries to guilt them into it, saying their mother deserves better. Tyler thinks he's right.

Avery and Nick discuss Dylan at the tackhouse. Nick admits he was a bit worried about losing her. She says she only wants to be with Nick. They kiss, pour wine, and do a Gangnam-style dance. Nick lets her know they're alone. They kiss more, but Avery's phone rings - it's Sharon.

Avery and Nick arrive at the hospital where Sharon fills them in about the accident and Dylan. Nick asks why she called Avery. Sharon says he said her name. Avery goes to see Dylan. Nick learns that Sharon was on her way home from Adam's and warns her about backsliding. He thinks Adam's fooling her again. Sharon listens to Adam's concerned phone message. Dylan wakes up and Avery asks if she can call his dad. He says he'll call him tomorrow and asks her not to go. He tells her not to worry, and it's time for his CT scan. Avery rejoins Sharon - they compare notes on Dylan/Mac. Avery says she told him she's with Nick now and then he drove off... Sharon asks her if she knows who Sullivan is. Avery doesn't. She goes to Dylan's empty room. Nick appears. Avery admits she dreamed of him being alive, and now she has closure. She wants to move on with Nick. They kiss. Later, Dylan has war flashbacks about Sullivan who gets killed. He wakes up and starts leaving.

Adam broods at home. Sharon arrives and says she got his message. He's glad she's okay and asks what happens now. She's not sure.

At the tackhouse, Avery and Nick slow dance and say 'I love you' to each other.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lily tells Tyler they are not friends. He asks if that's her talking, or her husband.

Avery is stunned to hear that Dylan checked out of the hospital.

Wheeler tells Victor he owes him. Victor tells Wheeler he doesn't owe him a damn thing.

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