An Officer And A Gentleman.

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Chelsea finds Sharon at Adam's, Adriana returns, and Avery has a realization.

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Chelsea cries over her positive pregnancy test in her suite. Cane comes to the door pretending that he's room service. Once inside he realizes something's wrong. He advises her that it would hurt him if Lily kept something from him.

At Adam's place, he and Sharon make out passionately on the sofa. He suggests they go upstairs but Sharon says they can't. He echoes her words and they laugh. Adam says he needs a drink. While Sharon's out of the room, Chelsea arrives. She tells Adam she had to come before she lost her nerve. Sharon comes downstairs asking who was at the door. Chelsea realizes Sharon's wearing her shirt. She gives Adam back his ring and leaves. Sharon prepares to go. Adam says she didn't do anything wrong and they talk about being friends. She goes.

At Michael's house, Kevin becomes agitated with Michael and Fen who are playing with flashlights. He says Chloe will be upset at him being late. Michael notes that Lauren's late too - he hopes she's okay and has electricity. When Michael nixes the idea of going to look for her, Fen snaps that he's giving up on her too. Power returns. Kevin urges Fen to give Michael another chance before leaving. Michael tells Fen that Kevin was bothered by the blackout because he used to get locked in closets.

Lauren can't believe she kissed Carmine at the GCAC. He suggests they get a room. Lauren says they have to leave it at a kiss. He settles for pouring her a drink every now and then.

Katherine's in her snow-covered car at the side of the road. She is upset to have no cell service. A car stops - Adriana appears. She offers Katherine a ride. Kay struggles to remember her address.

At The Underground, Alex tells Noah he got thrown off the force thanks to him and Adriana. Noah apologizes. Abby appears and orders a dirty martini. Alex chats with them and introduces himself to Abby. They compare stories. She tells him she's not in the mood for flirting, but she teases him about his sister taking his gun. They move to a booth and get to know each other. Noah lets Alex know she's his aunt. Alex says she's beautiful and funny. When Noah tells them the roads are open, Abby goes. Adriana appears. Alex grabs the bag of money and tells her he got thrown off the force. He leaves. Adriana turns to Noah.

In their living room, Vikki wants Billy to help pick colors to update the house. They debate about magenta and reds and banter - he chases her around the house and they make out on the sofa.

Avery and Dylan begin kissing urgently in her apartment as Nick shows up outside the door. He knocks and hollers that it's Ned Nickerson. Avery lets him in and he sees Dylan. They bicker about pressuring her. Nick snarks that Dylan's an officer and a gentleman for staying with Avery in the storm. Nick leaves. Dylan asks her, "What now?" She tells him the kiss made her realize that what they had is over. He doesn't understand. She tells him the kiss was beautiful, and she thought of him every day for two years, but she said goodbye and gave herself permission to move on. He wants them to share a life. She says she's not free and sobs that she's sorry to hurt him. Dylan says Nick's a lucky guy.

In the car with Tyler, Lily worries about the twins. Tyler reassures her. Later, Cane comes along and clears the snow from the car. He sees Lily sleeping.

Lauren returns home to find Fen and Michael saying how worried they were. Lauren focuses only on Fen, who goes to his room. Michael confronts Lauren about ignoring him. She tells him he can't make it right.

Cane and Lily arrive at their GCAC suite. He's upset that she was with Tyler and borrowed his coat. She wonders if she should have froze to death. He asks if she ever cheated on him - even when they discussed divorce - with Daniel. Lily says it's not cheating if they're not together. Cane takes that as a yes.

Dylan packs up in his motel room.

Nick opens his door to Avery. They embrace and start kissing.

Sharon cries as she drives. She swerves as Dylan's car comes in her path.

Chelsea returns to her suite and seems in shock.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young And The Restless:

Lily says to Cane, "I'm committed to our family and to you." He thinks she needs to tell Tyler that.

Tyler tells Leslie she's making too big a deal out of this. She shakes her head. "Somebody's going to figure out who we are."

Adam goes to Chelsea's suite. She has nothing to say to him. He wants to know what she came to say to him earlier that night.

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