Not Safe.

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Jack reassures Nikki, Avery and Dylan reminisce, and Lauren is tempted.

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Sharon arrives at Adam's place with documents as the storm worsens. The power goes out. They decide to make the best of it. He promises to keep his distance. She knows - they're friends. He mutters about the 'f' word. She talks about the support he's offered - he's given her her life back. Adam looks at the card she gave him while she freshens up. Adam presents her with a heart-shaped sandwich and a card with a valentine's wishing star. She makes her wish. He asks what she wished for. She responds, "Do you really have to ask?" He wipes food from the corner of her mouth. She giggles and they start kissing.

Avery calls Nick from her apartment to say she's home safe. He wants to come over but she asks for time alone to think. Dylan has driven through the blizzard and shows up at her door. He needs to know if they have a chance. He realizes she needs more time and moves to leave. The power goes out. The radio announcer tells people to stay home - that's an order. Avery tells Dylan he's not going anywhere. They end up talking about a day at the lakehouse years ago. He says it was a beautiful day..and this is a beautiful night. Avery beams. They remember their long talks into the night and get close.

Lauren arrives at the GCAC and joins Carmine at the bar. She thanks him for the ride home and says Fen's charges have been dropped. His shift's ending, so he asks her to have dinner with him. They have wine and she realizes he's flirting with her. He says it's not safe to drive and moves in close. She says he's trouble and starts walking. He asks her to wait and kisses her.

Kevin arrives at Michael's house with Fen. Michael tells him the charges have been dropped. Fen just wants to get his stuff and go back to Kevin's. Michael wants to talk. Fen asks for Lauren. Michael says she's not there. Kevin tries to go, but Fen asks him to stay. Kevin agrees - if Fen will listen. Michael tells Fen he made a mistake - he looked at him and saw himself. Fen's not ready to forgive. Fen rants to Kevin while Michael's in the kitchen. He tells him they're leaving whenever Summer's ready. Kevin tells him to cut Michael some slack. Michael hears Fen tell Kevin he hates his dad. The power goes out.

At home, Phyllis hollers to Summer and then looks at her flowers from Jack.

Jack tells Nikki they'll find out everything about MS and he wants to be involved. Nikki admits that she hasn't told Victor yet - no one knows except him. Nikki says she has a tremor and some muscle aches - there is no cure. They speculate about what Victor will do. She thinks he'll try to throw money at it. Jack curses Victor, but Nikki tells him not now. Jack reassures her - she'll control this. Nikki talks about everything there is to figure out, like meds. Jack urges her to tell Victor. Nikki doesn't want to be seen as a diagnosis. Phyllis arrives as Jack hugs Nikki. Jack says Nikki is shaken after losing control of her car. Nikki realizes Phyllis is there for dinner and goes. Phyllis reminds Jack she just wants to be friends and accuses him of trying to suck her in with the romantic set-up. The lights go out. Jack asks for one slow dance and keep telling herself she can resist him.

Mason tells Nick how great The Underground is, and then Nick deals with a drunk in Avery's booth. He ends up sitting down with him to talk about Avery. The man tells Nick he's a lucky guy and to go after love. Nick offers him a cot in the back.

Chelsea writes notes and balls them up in her suite. She takes a pregnancy test - it's positive.

Nikki arrives home to new sheet music wrapped in a red bow. She tries playing piano and keeps becoming frustrated.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young And The Restless:

Michael tells Fen he hopes wherever his mom is she's okay and has electricity.

Lauren gasps after a long deep kiss with Carmine.

Abby asks, "Are you flirting with me Alex?" He replies, "What if I am...?" She smiles, "Abby."

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