The Bigger Cliché.

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

The storm hits leaving Nikki stranded with Jack and Summer confessing to her mom.

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Cane arrives at Jabot as Lily watches the snow fall. He has a reservation for them tonight at the Club. She needles him about Chelsea. They bicker. He guesses Tyler told her about his meeting with her. They make out until Tyler whistles in. Cane snaps at him. Lily says they will meet later at the Club and leaves with Tyler. His car is dead so he asks Lily for a lift.

Lily and Tyler drive along. She swerves off the road. Their cell phones have no signals. He offers to go and get help but she insists that he stay and wait it out. He starts making eyes at her.

Chloe drops in on Chelsea in her room. She brought take-out. Chelsea's nauseated. Gloria joins them and swipes the fortune cookies. She complains about Jeffrey and they stare at Chelsea. Chloe tells Gloria that the room is too 'germy' and chases her out. When Chloe suggests that she doesn't have a bug, she has a baby, Chelsea shuts her down. "Honey, you need to deal with this," Chloe says. Chelsea kicks her out.

At home, Victor discusses Wheeler's relationship with Avery with some dude.

Leslie and Neil go to the Club. He tells her that he wants to have a 'strings attached' relationship with her. They wonder which of them is a bigger cliché. She just wants to take things slow. He hands her a necklace. She looks uncomfortable when Marcus strolls in. Neil gets text from Sofia and putters off. Leslie heads over to the congressman and tells him it feels like he's following her. He's not but he offers to buy her a drink. She's busy. He heads up to his room. Victor wanders in and starts asking her why Wheeler calls her 'Valerie'. She does her best to cover.

At home, Jack calls Phyllis to wish her a happy V-Day. He assures her there won't be any 'oozing' at their private party. When he gets off the phone, Nikki shows up at his door, shivering and disoriented. He gives her a blanket and calls a tow truck for her crashed car. She admires the romantic dinner he has out. He asks if the wedding to the mustache is off. She insists they are destined to be together. Nikki tells him to focus on the things that bring him joy. When he notices her hands are shaking, he offers to call an EMT. Nikki already knows what's wrong with her. "I have MS," she says.

Summer shows up at Phyllis' place. The redhead asks her if she bullied Jamie. Summer tears up as her mom demands to know what really happened. Summer admits that she sent him emails and manipulated him. She was using him so she could hurt Ronan. But she never meant for this to happen. Phyllis assures her that she's not a mean girl; she just gets mad and lashes out. "Don't live your life wishing you could take everything back," she advises. Summer admits that Fen wanted to run away with her but she couldn't do it. Her mom tells her how much she loves her. After they cuddle, Summer teases her about Jack and asks if she wants him back. Red is skittish. Her daughter demands some honesty. Phyllis has been through a lot with him and he makes her happy. That sounds okay to her daughter. She urges her to make up her mind about what she wants.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"Have dinner with me?" Carmine asks Lauren.

"When you're ready, just come back to me," Nick says to Avery on the phone.

"I just need to know if we have a chance," Dylan asks Avery.

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