Neither Will I.

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Cane won't give up on Chelsea, Wheeler and Victor exchange threats and the storms builds.

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At Jabot, Cane pulls himself away from Lily after promising her some Valentine's magic. He joins Neil in the office and they begin discussing designers. Lily eavesdrops as Cane defends his enthusiasm for Chelsea's designs. Later, Lily joins them and teases her father about his lady. She sides with Neil about not taking on Chelsea. Cane suggests they try taking a meeting with her.

At Jabot, Tyler tries to stop Leslie from worrying so much. The congressman drops by, looking for Jack. He's not around so he talks to her, explaining how concerned he has been about her and her brother. Neil rushes up to them and tells her he needs to push back their business dinner. He walks off. Marcus is a little surprised she changed her name. She says some things are better left in the past. Later, she joins Neil in his office and they begin talking about his 'special' more-than-dinner plans. After some flirting, he quizzes her about Marcus. She doesn't want to tell him about how they know each other. After some pressure, she admits she drew up a contract for Wheeler and he wasn't happy with it.

Sharon and Adam are at the club yapping until Chelsea walks by. He later finds his way to Chelsea's table and tries making small talk. Adam hopes she still feels like she can talk to him. She reminds him that they aren't friends. She still feels heartbroken and stupid. He doesn't argue when she accuses him of destroying their marriage. Chelsea asks him to live his life far away from her. Sharon returns. After she and Adam go, Cane joins her. She expects bad news. He doesn't have any of the good kind but he's sure that if she pitches her work to Neil herself, she could have a shot. She thanks him. He's sure they'll make a great team. Tyler has spotted this exchange and wandered off.

Sharon drops in on Adam at his office. He doesn't want to discuss Chelsea. Things are really awkward. They stare at each other. It goes nowhere. She leaves and he stares at a picture of Chelsea. He calls her and leaves a messaging, urging her to be safe in the storm.

Tyler strolls into Jabot. Chatting to Lily, he lets it slip that he just saw Cane with Chelsea. She gets upset and can't understand why Cane is so determined to go ahead with hyping her.

At his home, Victor asks Mason why he isn't telling him the truth. He gives him a lecture about how he built his empire. Mason's reluctant to play dirty so Victor warns him that he may never get another offer like his. Once Mason is gone, Marcus shows up to complain about Avery. He has a plan to get her out of the way. He assumes that Victor has been stalling for time. Victor vaguely threatens him. Marcus threatens him back so Victor threatens to reveal how his daughter OD'd.

At The Underground, Nick listens to the report forecasting bad weather for Valentine's Day. He calls Avery in Milwaukee and worries about her tires. He suggests she just let him pick her up but she thinks she'll be fine. His son joins him and they discuss the weather before Nick fills him in about Dylan. Nick feels like Avery is pulling away from him since this dude came back from the dead.

In his room, Dylan calls his dad to check in. He starts flashing back to his past with Avery and giggles to himself. Getting in bed, he goes through his diary. Nick shows up with Dylan's pay for the other day. Avery calls Nick to say she is heading back. Nick makes it clear to Dylan that he won't step aside for him, even if he got a raw deal. "Neither will I," Dylan says.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"Jack! Thank God!" Nikki blubbers as Jack lets her into his house.

"Maybe a fragile glass animal that I shouldn't be shaking?" Tyler jokes as he shakes a box. Lily laughs and then her car swerves.

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