Tough Love.

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Kevin confronts Michael, Abby returns, and Nikki shares her news.

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Nikki asks Wheeler about his wife and daughter at the penthouse. He lies that they're vacationing in Europe. Victoria arrives. Wheeler goes. Vikki tells Nikki he looks pretty good considering his daughter was found dead in an alley. Nikki realizes Victor kept it from her and becomes emotional.

At Newman, Adam calls looking for Sharon who is late. He's asking Mason if she called when she appears, saying her car wouldn't start. Mason goes. Adam wonders if her car was the problem, or their kiss. She thinks he was using her as a distraction - he misses Chelsea. Adam insists he's not using her - what's between them is part of what ended his marriage. She thinks that had more to do with Victor. He says he's not out to hurt her. Sharon says it seems to be what happens between them. Later, Mason takes a call from Victor and assures him he's working on switching the pills out. Adam and Sharon return, pleased to have closed a deal. Adam tells Sharon he'd rather have her as a friend, than not in his life.

Abby appears at Crimson Lights and tells Kevin she flew in to see Kyle. She says he must be kicking himself for not letting her invest in Tag 'n' Grab. He doesn't want to discuss it, but welcomes her back. After, he admits it was a mistake to refuse her offer. He mentions a new venture, but Abby says he's a bad investment.

On the patio, Summer tells Jamie that Fen spent the night in juvi. She wants him to drop the charges. Jamie says Fen never cut him a break. Jamie tells 'Britni' she'll pay for what happened to him too. Summer says he's a loser. Jamie exits, bumping Kyle as he goes. After, Abby greets Kyle. He explains about Jack's pill addiction. Abby feels bad. Kyle reassures her. They hug.

At home, Lauren tells Michael that Fen needed his father last night. Michael argues that he's trying to teach Fen right and wrong. Lauren asks what's happened to him and leaves. After, Fen tells Michael he'll never forgive him for believing Jamie over him. Fen hollers that he was scared last night and needed him. He says Michael hates him and leaves. Michael smashes his glass and tries unsuccessfully to reach Lauren.

Carmine serves Lauren red wine at The Boulevard. He asks why she's upset. She talks about her issues with Michael having their son arrested. Carmine tells her a tale of tough love gone wrong. Three drinks later, Lauren's laughing. Carmine offers to drive her home. Abby arrives and sees them leave.

Fen arrives at Crimson Lights. Summer says she couldn't get Jamie to drop the charges. Fen wonders how everything got so screwed up. Summer says it's their fault. Fen asks Kevin to talk to Michael. Kevin agrees. After, Fen tells Summer that Michael won't listen to Kevin, but it buys him time to run away. Summer says he'll look guilty. Fen goes. Kyle spots Summer upset. He tries to cheer her up. She doesn't want him as a friend - her friends end up hating her.

Kevin confronts Michael at home. Michael says he doesn't want Fen to become Kevin! Kevin argues that Fen didn't grow up like them. Michael says he's caught Fen in too many lies to take his word. Outside the door, Carmine drops Lauren off. Kevin leaves and spots Carmine in the elevator.

At the Club, Nikki and Vikki discuss Victor and Johnny. Nikki warns her not to get too wrapped up in fighting Adam, it's not what family is about. Nikki mentions Victor keeping secrets. Vikki thinks she is too and urges her to open up. Nikki says not there, but doesn't want to leave immediately - this may be the last bit of normalcy she has - she wants to savor it. Adam and Sharon enter and they have a sparring match. Nikki and Vikki leave. Sharon tells Adam she's worried Vikki will find out she torched the ranch. Adam reassures her.

Jamie goes to the roof and seems to struggle with his thoughts.

At the penthouse, Vikki reads Nikki's letter from the hospital and asks what it means. Nikki says it means she's sick.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Paul tries to talk Jamie down from the roof.

Jack tells Victor if he came to make threats, to leave. Victor tells him to stay the hell away from Nikki.

Vikki asks Nikki what the doctor said. "What's wrong?"

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