Be Good To Yourself.

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Avery opens up to Sharon, Victor plots, and Adam kisses Sharon.

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At Newman, Adam and Sharon wonder why Avery's late. Jack stops in and they tell him Avery needs to sign off on a deal. Sharon goes. Jack thanks Adam and asks about Victor. Adam says Victoria visited to make a pitch, and he went and offered him control of the company. Jack says if he turned him down, he must be up to something.

Avery is stressed at home. She picks up Dylan's dog tags and flashes to seeing him off to Afghanistan. He promised, "I will always come back to you." Sharon arrives and Avery apologizes for flaking out. To Sharon's surprise, Avery breaks down. Sharon asks if something happened with Nick. Avery tells her about her ex-lover's return from the dead. Sharon muses that she'll need to figure out where to go from here, and urges her to talk it out. Avery tells her how she and Dylan met, became friends, and had an affair. She says she tried to stay with her husband because her parents stayed together, and Dylan left for Afghanistan. Sharon says now it comes down to which man she really loves.

At The Underground, Nick confronts Dylan, who isn't surprised Avery told him the truth - she doesn't run from anything. Dylan says he owes him an explanation. Nick wonders if he thinks he has a future with her. Dylan tells him how he met Avery, about promising to come back to her after Afghanistan, and buying her an engagement ring. He explains that Avery broke it off so he went for another tour of duty. The thought of seeing Avery again got him through it. Nick says he'll be the one supporting Avery. Avery appears. Dylan goes. Avery asks Nick if Dylan said where he's been. Nick says not a word. They have a drink. Nick says Dylan's still deeply in love with her. He assures her he won't push, wants her in his life. Avery says she has to go to Milwaukee tonight - it's best; she needs a break to think.

At the penthouse, Victor tells Mason that Adam and Sharon running his company won't last. He wants him to replace Sharon's medication with placebos. Mason balks. Victor assures him he won't let it go too far and offers a monetary incentive.

Phyllis finds Jack at Jabot and thanks him for the flowers. She has a gift for him. It's a paperweight with one of John's favorite quotes by Churchill, "If you're going through hell, keep going." They decide to go eat red velvet cake.

At the Club, Jack tells Phyllis that Neil is his sponsor. Victor appears and insults them. Jack tells him how great Adam and Sharon are doing with Newman. Victor mentions the Congressman's daughter. Jack says they both have to keep that quiet - almost makes them allies. Phyllis goes. Later, Nick arrives at the bar and calls Avery to wish her luck. Phyllis returns to get her phone. She notes Nick's sad look and sarcastically says she's always there for him.

Sharon is ordering at Crimson Lights when Dylan appears. She mentions The Underground. He says he and Nick didn't hit it off. He uses the same quote that Avery told her her ex-lover used. Adam arrives. Dylan goes. Adam suggests a working dinner at his place. Sharon agrees.

Dylan has a beer in his room and thinks back on making out with Avery after getting caught in the rain.

At Newman, Sharon and Adam are discussing Avery when Mason enters and sends them downstairs. Mason goes in Sharon's purse to switch her pills, but decides not to go through with it.

At Adam's house, Sharon mentions Chelsea and asks what they're doing there - they're tempting fate. He thinks they can be friends. She accuses him of avoiding his feelings. He says she's right and kisses her. She grins.

At home, Victor answers a call for Nikki from a doctor. He says he'll tell her to call back.

Avery calls Dylan from home to let him know she's leaving town for business and to think. She says, "Be good to yourself." He notes that's what she always said - it's good to hear it again. He looks at the engagement ring.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Michael tells Lauren he is still the District Attorney. She says he is also a father.

Abby tells Kevin that everyone knows he's a bad investment.

Nikki tells Vikki, "This may be the last bit of normalcy that I have, so I want to savor it."

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