Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Jack feels tempted, Jamie gives his statement, and Katherine struggles with her memory.

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Phyllis enters Jack's office and asks what he's doing with the pills. She thinks he's been playing her for a fool. Jack tells her the truth. She takes the pills. He doesn't blame her for her assumption.

At home, Michael tells someone by phone he wants them there when Jamie gives his statement. Lauren appears and says she heard him talking to Fen - he's making it all about him. She says there is no comparison between his childhood and Fen's and asks how far he'll take this. Lauren doesn't care about evidence - this is their son. She begs Michael not to pursue legal action. He says it's too late - Jamie's pressing charges. Lauren wants him to make them disappear. Michael says someone else would step in if he tried.

Neil chats with Esther as he enters the Chancellor mansion. Katherine looks confusedly for her glasses. Neil tells her he's checking in and shares the news about the new fashion division. Katherine mentions Leslie and Neil's happiness. She tells Neil that he'll always have a job at Chancellor if Jack doesn't keep his promises. Katherine then repeats herself about Leslie. Neil pauses, then talks about Leslie coming into his life. After Neil goes, Kay apologizes to someone by phone for some lapse - she blames it on an assistant. Esther appears and asks if she's okay and complains about the stress of the business. Kay snaps, "It's not the business."

When Fen snaps at Jamie at Crimson Lights, Paul takes Jamie out. Kevin appears. Fen tells him Michael's made everything worse. Fen says Jamie was fine when he left the roof. Kevin wonders why Jamie is saying he did then. Fen admits to the texts. Kevin says that makes him a bully. Kevin reflects that Jamie had one bad break after another - maybe he wanted to end it all, or wanted attention or help. Fen sighs, "Because I bullied him." Kevin throws out a guy bullying a kid on the patio. Fen watches.

Paul arrives at Michael's with Jamie and a detective to give a statement. Lauren asks if he knows what perjury means. Michael makes Lauren leave. She's very upset with him. Jamie tells Michael he was pushed off the roof by Fenmore. Jamie talks about Britni and all the bullying texts. He says it was Summer Newman and the person behind it all was Fen. Jamie explains how he and Summer became friends, which really angered Fen, who warned him to stay away from Summer or he'd pay. Jamie explains how Fen set him up for stealing and how they fought on the roof. He says Fen told him he'd be out of his life for good and pushed him. Fen enters. They tell him Jamie's given a statement. Fen runs out. Michael stops him. Fen asks if he's under arrest. Michael says there's no other way.

Lauren arrives at Jabot for a meeting. Phyllis asks if she's alright. Neil says she'll like the proposal. They join Jack, who launches into a speech about their partnership and how they're growing, but Lauren isn't paying attention. Neil talks about the fashion division and Jack asks Lauren to cover the line. Lauren thanks them and Phyllis whisks her out. Neil tells Jack he'll be doing things his way. Jack stops him - he needs a favor. Neil starts to rant. Jack says it has nothing to do with Jabot - he's tempted to use again. Neil realizes he needs a sponsor. Jack tells him what happened earlier.

Lauren confides in Phyllis at Crimson Lights. Lauren's hurt that Michael would take it this far. Phyllis warns her to be prepared for the worst. Katherine appears. Phyllis tells Lauren that Michael will go all the way when he thinks something's right. She goes. Kay asks Lauren what's going on. Katherine listens and weighs in - if Fen's capable of violence, Michael has no choice. Lauren thanks her and goes.

Phyllis returns to Jack's office where Neil has helped him with advice. Once alone, Jack puts a new fragrance on her and moves in close. He says it's earthy, bold, with a bit of wild. "Red." She goes. Jack orders roses sent to her apartment.

Lauren arrives home to find Fen being read his rights. "No!" She implores Jamie to tell the truth. Paul takes him out. Lauren glares at Michael and tells Fen she knows he didn't do this. Through gritted teeth to Michael, she asks, "How could you?"

At home, Katherine looks at some memory-enhancing pills she's purchased.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick asks Dylan, "Are you surprised Avery told me about that?" Dylan shakes his head, "Avery doesn't run from anything."

Victor orders Mason to replace Sharon's medication with placebos.

Sharon tells Adam he's afraid of what's staring him right in the face. He takes her face in his hands and kisses her.

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