Lines Get Blurred.

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Avery visits Dylan, Phyllis returns, and Cane reassures Chelsea.

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Avery is burning pancakes at home when Nick arrives. He encourages her to talk to him. She says she has to do something first - she'll be back.

Dylan does sit-ups in his room and flashes to Avery. Avery arrives and smacks him. She yells that she loved him and he's playing head games and let her think he was dead. Dylan says his love for her kept him alive. Dylan says he was injured and when he looked for her in Chicago she was gone. She says things have changed. He asks if she's happy and if she loves Nick. Dylan brings up old memories. Avery cries, tells him he can't talk to her like this, and goes.

Phyllis joins Jack at Jabot and says Savannah was great. She invites him to lunch.

In the Jabot hallway, Cane tries to explain to Neil about Chelsea. Neil says no matter who likes her designs, it's his call. Cane argues Chelsea's case. Neil warns him not to make promises he can't keep. As Neil walks away, Lily asks Cane what that was about.

At the tackhouse, Alex accuses Noah of giving Adriana the money and letting her take off. Alex claims he was protecting her. Noah thinks he wants to sleep with her. Alex blurts, "She's my sister!" Noah asks if he tried to pimp her out. Alex chuckles that Adriana played him. Alex tells Noah there are guys who don't play nice who care about that money - he wants Noah to help him find her.

At Newman, Sharon and Adam conclude a positive meeting. Sharon is aware Adam's closeness as they look at the laptop. She decides to go work in her office. Adam puts Chelsea's photo in a drawer and leaves. Sharon enters and sees it.

At the Club, Lily tells Cane he and Neil just have different styles. Cane jokes that maybe he should get stuck in an elevator with him. He smirks about Tyler having a crush on her. Lily says he's a nice guy underneath. Later, Tyler appears and chats to Lily. Lily tells him she doesn't 'wander'. Tyler says he wouldn't hit on another guy's wife - he can see there's way more to her than that. Lily wants to forget the awkward conversation. Tyler asks about her and Cane. She admits they're different, but they work. Tyler talks about looking for 'the one'.

Chelsea tells Chloe about the setback with Neil in their offices. Chloe says they need something to happen. As Chloe mentions Kevin and saving the house, Gloria appears. Chloe goes, and Chelsea and Gloria work. Cane arrives and gives tips on how to sell themselves. Glo excuses herself. Cane apologizes to Chelsea for what happened with Neil. They're looking at her latest design when Adam arrives. Chelsea doesn't want to talk to him. He goes. Cane tells her she's better off without him.

Over lunch at the GCAC, Jack and Phyllis talk about how it's not a date. Phyllis spots Nick at the bar and goes over. She mentions the nightclub opening and says she signed the divorce papers. Bach at the table, Jack suggests they check out Nick's club together. Phyllis tells him she likes them being just friends.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin tells Chloe the arsonist that burned Gloworm down was never caught - he smirks that 'he' may burn down Crimson Lights, and they can collect the insurance money. Chloe makes it clear how stupid that would be. Alex enters. Chloe makes nice with him. He asks her to have a drink and tells her to call him. Kevin confronts her afterward. They bicker.

Nick enters the tackhouse as Noah is trying to reach Adriana. Noah fills Nick in on the latest. Nick is opposed to Noah being further involved.

Adam returns to Newman and is pleased about the deal. He asks Sharon to celebrate over dinner. She wonders if it's as friends. "Lines get blurred." He assures her it's just dinner.

Jack returns to Jabot and tells Neil the fashion division is his baby. Jack enters his office and finds Kieran Donnelly waiting - with pills. Jack says he's clean. Donnelly says they're a gift and leaves.

Avery returns home to find Nick gone. She sits down to cry and Nick arrives. He holds her. She tells him Dylan of the dog tags is alive.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young And The Restless:

Jamie tells Michael he didn't fall - he was pushed by his son.

Fen tells Kevin when he left the roof Jamie was fine. Kevin asks, "So he jumped on his own?" Fen says he didn't push him.

Lauren yells at Michael, "You want to arrest our son and you want me to go along with it."

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