Loaded Gun.

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Cane gets his wish, Jack fires someone else, and Tucker dines with Katherine.

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At the Chancellor mansion, Kay tells Tucker she's only going to dinner to get him off her back. He fusses over her. Katherine doesn't want to hear about how she should take it easy.

In Neil's office, Lily wonders if anyone knows why he summoned them. Leslie doesn't know. Cane asks Tyler if he was invited. He was. Devon arrives, followed by Neil, who announces Jack fired him from Jabot. Cane will be the new CEO. Neil's family is outraged. Neil says Jack is going through something right now. He adds that he, Kyle, Billy, and Phyllis all got fired. Cane asks if it was an intervention. Neil repeats that Cane is acting CEO. Tyler congratulates him. Lily wonders if they should all quit. Cane grimaces. Devon doesn't want to work there without Neil. Neil urges them to stay. Later, Cane tells Devon, Lily, and Tyler he will ask Jack to rehire Neil. Cane leaves. Tyler tells Lily there goes his campaign. Lily defends Cane. Tyler says maybe he's missing something about Cane, but he knows her - they get each other.

Adam arrives at Jack's house and is stunned to hear that he fired everyone - even Kyle! Jack wants to know if he can trust him. Adam suggests he's paranoid. Jack rants about the intervention. Adam tells him he has to get in front of this pain med thing - he's handing Victor a loaded gun! Adam points out the implications of the firings with shareholders. Jack rambles about spinning it. Adam hollers that this is the pills talking! Adam tells him to take time off. Jack thinks Adam just chose Victor's side. Adam tells him he could have already taken him down. Jack hollers that the press would have a field day if he went to rehab. Adam says there's no other option. Jack fires him. Later, Cane arrives. Jack lies that he fired Neil over Tyler's campaign. He tells him not to blow his opportunity. Once alone, Jack downs a handful of pills and calls Ashley to come home. Kyle appears and says he already spoke to her - she's not coming. Jack rants. Kyle says he's moving out.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel tells Kevin he will be doing a big show at a gallery in Savannah. Kevin's impressed. Daniel says he, Lucy, and Heather are relocating to Georgia together. Kevin admits he and Chloe could lose their house. Daniel asks what he's got in the works. Kevin admits to his plan, explaining that through hacking and phone records he knows Noah has called the girl and received a package. Daniel implores Kevin to drop this - he's risking Noah's life. Kevin sighs - he'll have to break it to Chloe.

At the Club, Tucker agrees to stick to neutral topics as Katherine demands. Katherine spots Victor and challenges Tucker to allow him to join them. Once seated, Victor grills Tucker about Jack popping pills. Tucker tries to change the subject but Victor keeps talking. Tucker admits he's concerned about Jack. Victor offers to buy his shares. Katherine thinks Tucker should sell them back. Tucker says the meal wasn't about business. Victor excuses himself. Tucker tells him he understands his position. After, Tucker tells Katherine he might sell to Victor and asks her what he can do to repair things between them.

At the coffee house, Neil tells Leslie his main concern is Jack. She realizes Neil's an addict himself. Neil says he's been sober for a long time. He explains how it was, and says the rumors about Jack are true - he knows because he was Jack. Devon appears and tells Neil that Cane went to see Jack. Neil asks Leslie to spend New Year's Eve with him.

Tucker takes Katherine home. She admits it wasn't a complete disaster. He kisses her. She tells him he can make things better by finding a way to make Devon believe he loves him.

Adam meets Victor at the Club and asks to reestablish their deal regarding Sharon. Victor says it's too late. Adam asks what he's planning. Victor won't say.

Cane returns to Jabot. He tells Lily he's in charge and tells Tyler they no longer require his services.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria tells Billy she wants to be with him.

Avery asks Nick, "Aren't you going to say anything?"

Summer says, "Jamie, what happened?"

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