A Good Boy.

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Victor ticks off Billy, Vikki, Nikki and Adam, Chelsea storms out, and Kevin and Chloe hatch a plan.

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Adam tells Chelsea he's glad she came by the house. He gives her a photo book and talks about what they still could have together. She didn't bring him anything. Adam opens a gift she had wrapped for him previously - emerald cufflinks. Chelsea explains it's the birthstone for the month the baby was due. Adam cries. He explains that he focused on Sharon afterward because he could fix things for her - their son was already gone - there was nothing he could do. As they discuss Sharon, Chelsea realizes Sharon rejected him. Believing that's why he wants to reconcile, she storms out.

Billy and Vikki watch Victor joke with Reed at the penthouse. Once alone, Victor argues with Billy about playing video games and Billy's job prospects. As things get tense, Vikki returns. Billy takes the boys home. Vikki asks Victor, "What did you do?" Victor plays innocent, but Vikki doesn't buy it. Later, Nikki and Vikki discuss it. Victor reappears and insists he's trying with Billy. Vikki leaves. Nikki chides Victor for provoking Billy. Victor gets Nikki to forgive him by promising to be a good boy.

Chloe and Kevin bicker at Crimson Lights about his secretive plan and whether it's illegal. Kevin goes to wait on Detective Alex. Chloe listens as Kevin tries unsuccessfully to find out how his case is progressing. After, Kevin fills her in on Noah, Adriana, and the missing money - half a million dollars. Chloe thinks it all sounds dangerous and crazy. Michael appears and invites them over later, noting he heard them discussing something dangerous. Chloe fills him in and he questions Alex, who claims he's just looking for a girl he used to know. Kevin and Chloe hatch a plot to find the money. Michael spots Jamie, who has a black eye and asks Michael to get him out of the group home. Michael insists he come home with him. Chelsea arrives and tells Chloe she will be coming into some money they can use for their business - she and Adam are done.

Cane and Lily laugh with Neil about the twins at the Club. Neil spots Tyler and invites him to join them. Cane grimaces a little. Tyler sits down and talks about his respect for Neil, noting he's too talented to work for someone he doesn't respect. After Tyler leaves, Cane tells Lily he has a crush on her. Lily assures Cane he has nothing to worry about. Cane knows that, but doesn't think Tyler does.

At the Chancellor Estate, Jill and Katherine bicker about Kay getting enough rest. Tucker appears wearing a Santa hat and carrying a red sack. He tells Katherine he hopes to put aside their differences for one day. He asks her to join him for dinner the next day. She agrees, but warns nothing has changed. Tucker says he'll take it. Cane and Lily arrive. Jill shares that Katherine fainted. Cane wonders if it was stress-related. Tucker says he's concerned, and leaves after talking to Jill, who says Katherine's doctor warned about her stress level - she needs to step down at Chancellor. Katherine tells Cane she's having dinner with Tucker tomorrow.

At home, Vikki rants about Victor to Billy. They decide they'll go to Jamaica next time and then head upstairs to negotiate how she'll reward him for going to her parent's place.

Victor stops by Adam's house with a gift bag containing tequila and a pill bottle to 'inspire' him. Adam notes tequila was used to burn down the house and the pills will bring down Jack. Adam tells him, "Thanks, but no thanks." Victor says he's playing a dangerous game. Adam wonders what sort of father threatens his son at Christmas. Victor warns him not to make an enemy of him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery sees the poster for the opening of Nick's nightclub, 'The Underground', and says. "This is really happening."

Phyllis tells Billy, Vikki, and Kyle, "We put all of our feelings on the table." Billy asks, "And hope Jack chooses us over the drugs?"

Jack's dealer says he keeps his clients happy. Jack snatches the pills from him and says he's not his client - this is a one-time only thing!

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