I'm That Good.

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Cane butts heads with Tyler, Adam tells Sharon his plan, and Victor pushes Victoria's buttons.

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Victoria opens her door to Victor, who needs her help with the Valentine's Day wedding. She says she'll do it for Nikki. Victor wants the family together at Christmas. Billy appears. He says they're taking the kids to Jamaica. Victor says he's inviting both of them. Billy rolls his eyes as Victor talks about the orphanage and how disappointed Nikki will be if they don't come. Billy mocks him, but Victoria is moved. She tells Billy she wants Christmas with her family. Billy tries to change her mind. Vikki thinks her father will behave. Billy agrees to stay in Genoa City.

Adam arrives at Sharon's house. He tells her Victor backed off on the condition that he brings down Jack and gets Newman back for him. Adam says he feels he owes Jack, who gave him a chance and who trusts him. They worry about Jack folding Jabot into Newman and Victor taking it. Adam says the only way to prevent that is to boot Jack before he dissolves Jabot. Sharon imagines what it's like for Victor to want something so badly yet not be able to have it. Adam looks at her intensely. Adam tells her Jack has a weakness; all he has to do is exploit it. Sharon tells Adam the doctor thinks her meds are working, but feels it's best she stay away from him. Adam says she should listen. Sharon says he can save his marriage. Adam says Chelsea's been hurt enough. Sharon thanks him for everything with a cheek kiss. Later, Sharon decorates her tree.

At the Abbott house, Kyle doesn't think Jack got his wake-up call. Jack assures him he's through with the pills. Kyle asks why he should believe him. Jack says, "You shouldn't. I'm a liar." Jack tells Kyle he will beat this - for him. They embrace. Jack decides to combat the rumors. Neil arrives and tells Jack he can take Jabot to the next level - he needs his trust. Jack apologizes for how he acted - someone leaked a story that he's hooked on pain killers. Neil asks if it's true. Jack insists there's no problem. Neil says he recognizes denial. Jack gets riled up and suggests Neil get back to his job. After, Jack gives an interview setting the record straight - he's not addicted to pain killers. Kyle listens unhappily.

Tyler greets Lily at Jabot - he says he's there because of her. Cane overhears. Tyler tells her she's the one person who understood his pitch. She tells him he's exactly what they need at Jabot. He suggests they collaborate on their shared passion. Cane interrupts. Lily leaves. Cane tells Tyler he talked to Jack and his ideas aren't right. After, Cane tells Lily he sent Tyler on his way. She argues his idea is ahead of the curve.

At On The Boulevard, Tyler tells Leslie he pissed Cane off. She clucks, "Did you hit on his wife? Come on, Tyler, not again." He says he'll get the job. She reminds him Cane's the CEO's son-in-law. Tyler replies, "Yeah and I'm that good."

Tyler and Cane end up in the Athletic Club sauna at the same time. Tyler admits he noticed Lily, saying no disrespect, but it's hard not to. Cane calls him on his cocky attitude. Tyler points out he's not the one married to the boss's daughter. Cane warns him to put his ego in check before he makes his final decision. Tyler thought Neil had the last word and says he'll let his work do the talking.

At Newman, Adam watches Jack's earlier interview and looks at his pill bottle. He places them in the drawer as Jack arrives. He tells Adam his head is clear. Adam offers him the CEO chair. Jack gets to work and Adam watches from the hallway as he spots the pills. Victor calls and Adam tells him things are in motion. Jack puts the pills back.

Cane returns to find Neil reinstated at Jabot. Neil's upset that he didn't hire Tyler and orders him to do it. Meanwhile, Tyler returns and tells Lily he has more ideas and that Cane thought he was flirting with her. Cane appears and tells him he's got the job.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Kyle and Adam that next week, Jabot will be a subsidiary of Newman Enterprises.

Chelsea tells Chloe this is all payback for the awful things she's done. Chloe counters that if anyone has a dose of bad karma coming, it's Sharon.

Nick says to Sharon, "You're getting better. And really, who knows you better than I do?"

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