Can't Just Walk Away.

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Jill finds Katherine unconscious, Summer's birthday is celebrated, and Jack gets a shock.

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Michael and Lauren make-out at home. Jamie comes to the door and says he's headed to a group home that he has been to before. He doesn't want to go back there - he wants to stay at home. Michael promises to make some calls. Fen comes in as Lauren is giving Jamie a hug. He's not impressed, but invites Jamie to play a video game when prompted by Michael. Fen reappears and Lauren tells him they may ask Jamie to stay with them. When they propose the idea to Jamie, he says it's not why he came. Fen insists he stay. Jamie assures Fen he's not after his life. Fen tells his parents he's going to study for a chemistry test, but Jamie knows there's not one. Outside the door, Fen calls Summer. He tells Jamie he's going to see her for her birthday. Later, Lauren finds a throwaway cellphone in Fen's backpack. She and Michael wonder what he's using it for.

Avery spots Nick and Summer at On The Boulevard for Summer's birthday. Avery has a business dinner and says she'll see them tomorrow. Nick gives Summer a gift - keys to a car that's parked outside. He says he and Phyllis agreed she'll make good decisions going forward. Avery reappears - her client canceled. Nick says Phyllis was delayed in Chicago. Avery joins them. Phyllis comes in and sees them. She brings the cake over and hugs Summer. Avery and Nick exchange awkward looks. Avery goes and Phyllis gives Summer an infinity charm. Phyllis and Nick chat tensely when Summer steps away. When Summer takes off in her car, Nick and Phyllis agree they did everything right when it comes to Summer.

Jill comes downstairs and Katherine is still on the sofa. Jill tells her faking it again won't work, but then realizes she's really unconscious! Katherine comes around. Jill questions her and then calls the doctor. The doctor arrives and checks her over with a follow-up planned for next week. Katherine blames the episode on Jill's deplorable taste in men. Jill says that's not what this is about - she's 300 years old! Jill tells Katherine the issues with Tucker are making her sick - she has no idea how to fix it. Katherine admits she's ashamed of Tucker. Jill adds, "And you're ashamed of the part you played in making him who he is." Katherine tells her to stop talking about Tucker. Jill says Tucker wants a relationship with his mother - and urges her to admit she wants the same thing.

Leslie and Neil enter On The Boulevard debating about him quitting Jabot. He doesn't know what's going on with Jack. Leslie gives him a pep talk. Neil can't imagine Jack's reaction when he suggests they go with Tyler's campaign. Leslie smiles. She loves his passion and conviction. "You can't just walk away Neil." Neil decides he should give Jack time.

At home, Jack finds out his pill-popping is big news. Kyle asks, "Is something wrong?" Jack shows Kyle the online article and blames Victor for the lies. Kyle says they're not lies - he does take pain killers. Jack warns Kyle about talking to press. Kyle suggests they hold off on rolling Jabot into Newman - he's in over his head. Jack protests. Kyle wonders why he couldn't just have been happy at Jabot where he belongs. Kyle says taking over Newman was personal, not business. Jack realizes Kyle is behind the article. Kyle says he was trying to save his life! He tells Jack he has a serious problem and is the only parent he has left. Later, Phyllis arrives angry over almost missing Summer's birthday. She hollers at Jack to get help - she's done covering for him!

At Jabot, Leslie tells Neil that resuming their professional relationship rules out the other possibilities. He jokes that he did officially resign and hasn't taken it back yet. "Nice try."

Summer lets Fen into the tackhouse - she's about to open his gift. He says it's not from him. There's a card from Jamie apologizing for awkwardly kissing her. Outside, Jamie freezes. Fen asks, "Jamie kissed you?"

Nick arrives at Avery's place and they discuss Phyllis. He thinks something might be brewing with her and Jack.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Cane eavesdrops as Tyler talks to Lily.

Adam, looking miserable, tells Sharon that Jack has a weakness and all he has to do is exploit it.

Neil watches as Jack gives a statement to the press saying there is no truth to the online report about him.

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