Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Jack's addiction makes waves, Neil and Jack argue, and Adam makes Chelsea an offer.

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At Newman. Mason tells Adam that Jack's gone to Chicago for the big presentation, but Adam finds Jack passed out in the office. Adam grills him about the pills. Jack challenges Adam to throw them out. Adam says he'll hold onto them for him. Jack notices Adam seems tired. Adam says Chelsea wants a divorce. Jack commiserates.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin tells Chloe and Chelsea he's skeptical about Gloria investing in their business. Chelsea takes a call from Adam, and agrees to meet him in 10 minutes. Chloe protests. Chelsea leaves. Chloe tells Kevin that Chelsea may get a big settlement from Adam. Kevin thinks he has a pre-nup. Gloria calls and backs out of investing - she's buying a racehorse. They lament being broke.

At home, Sharon tells her therapist about her 'trip' with Faith, and how she knew she had to turn around. The therapist says the medication is beginning to work. They discuss Adam. Sharon says they have feelings for each other but she's worried about Adam becoming available - she shouldn't go there again. Her therapist advises her to follow her instincts.

Katherine spots Tucker at her house and grills him about what he's doing there. Jill says he's always welcome in her home - she let him in - last night. Tucker suggests they act civilized. Katherine reminds Jill he hurt her. Jill says none of them are perfect and asks Kay if it would mean the end of the world to give the man a second chance. Katherine tells Jill she thought she was smarter. Tucker tells Kay to stop belittling her and accuses her of being too stubborn. Tucker kisses Jill goodbye while Katherine rolls her eyes. Katherine tells Jill he's using her. Jill expresses frustration. Katherine falls to the couch. Jill thinks she's faking again.

At Jabot, Neil's meeting with Leslie, Devon, Cane, and Lily breaks up. Leslie hangs back to discuss Tyler's upcoming pitch and the new casual dress code. Neil admits he likes it. Jack arrives and takes in the new scene. He finds Neil laughing with Leslie and asks, "What is going on with my company?" Leslie exits. Jack reads Neil the riot act. "This is not Jabot!" Leslie returns with Tyler. Jack decides he'd better stay. Devon and the others join them and Tyler makes a pitch about covering the city with graffiti and photos of a single eye. Neil asks Tyler to step out. Jack hates the pitch. Devon, Neil, and Lily try to change his mind. Cane sides with Jack. Once alone, Jack tells Neil he can't even trust him to wear a tie. Neil suggests he hire a 'yes' man. In the corridor, Tyler assures Leslie he 'wowed' them - especially Lily. Jack storms past, telling Tyler he wouldn't go buying a new car. Tyler lobbies for Lily's opinion, which rankles Cane. Leslie finds Neil shredding his tie. "I quit."

At On The Boulevard, Adam and Chelsea discuss his honesty about Sharon. He tells Chelsea he'll always love her, and wants her to be taken care of even though they won't be married - he's throwing out the pre-nup and giving her half of his money. Chelsea won't help him ease his conscience. She tells him it was never about money, and she wants nothing from him. Once alone, Adam sees a headline about Jack being a pill-popper.

At the penthouse, Nikki exclaims over family photos Victor found. Nikki laments all the pictures she'll never see again thanks to Sharon. Victor changes the subject to wedding planning and promises to deal with Sharon after he has Newman back. Adam arrives and asks Victor why he planted the story about Jack. Victor thinks it was an inside mole. They bicker. Adam says he's the one Newman kid who can give him what he wants. Later, Nikki tells Victor they'll marry on Valentine's Day.

Tucker finds Jack at Newman and grills him about being a drug addict. Jack claims it's just Victor trying to undermine him and orders Tucker out. Tucker warns Jack to get some help or he'll answer to him. "Don't you screw me over!" Jack calls Adam for pills. Adam arrives and questions Mason. Jack pulls him into the office and pleads for a pill. Adam calls Phyllis to cover for Jack in Chicago.

Chelsea returns to Crimson Lights to tell Chloe how she turned down Adam's offer of money.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Leslie tells Neil he can't just walk away.

Kyle tells Jack. "They're not lies. You do take pain killers."

Jill realizes Katherine's unconscious.

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