Chalk It Up To Stupidity.

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Sharon brings Faith home, Chelsea wants a divorce, and Jack continues to struggle with his addiction.

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Chelsea confronts Adam in their home. She wants to know if his love has changed. He admits things have changed. She wants a divorce and explains he's not with her in the way she needs. She mentions how he kept choosing Sharon over her, and how things became different when she lost the baby. Chelsea knows that she and the baby were everything to Adam but then suddenly it was gone. She wants to know how much that hurt Adam and demands to know why he kept going to Sharon but he doesn't know. Chelsea says that all is left is the lawyers.

At Crimson Lights Chloe surprises Kevin with a homemade coupon book and then gives him the check from Tucker for buying them out. As they chat he spies Detective Alex in the background. Kevin tells her that opportunity exists all around them - you just have to know where to look. Kevin wanders over to him to ask if he's found Noah. The Detective off handily suggests that if he knows about Noah he could be obstructing justice. Nearby, Chelsea shares the news of the divorce with Chloe. Gloria and Jeffery show up. Gloria whisks Chloe away and Chelsea tells her dad about the divorce. Jeffery could see that Adam wasn't there for her when she needed him and asks if he cheated. Chelsea replies it doesn't matter - it's over. Meanwhile Chloe suggests to Gloria that she invest in a fashion business she starting with Chelsea.

At On The Boulevard Jack surprises Phyllis with an apology dinner. He needs her to go to Chicago with him on business but she declines. He's been a jerk and wants to chalk it up to stupidity but Phyllis blames the pills. She's worried about him. He declares he's lucky to have her in his life. She still tries to opt out since it's Summer's birthday but he admits he needs her in Chicago since he's not at the top of his game because of the pills. Phyllis tells him that's a big admission but Jack denies the problem and claims he's stopped taking the meds. He gets agitated and Phyllis tells him it's not him, it's the pills and that she'll be there when he needs her. She then leaves him alone. At the bar Adam has a drink alone.

Nick and Avery arrive at his house. He's trying to track down Sharon and attempts to call Noah. He's worried about Faith but she wanders in followed by Sharon. Faith shares that Sharon was taking her on a trip. Faith and Avery leave and Nick demands to know where Sharon was taking his daughter. Sharon admits she was taking her away - she was afraid but couldn't take her away from Nick. She has to get out of town. She knows Victor wants to punish her and Nick tells her they'll find her a lawyer. Avery comes back and a surprised Sharon hires her with a dollar. Protected by attorney client privilege Sharon confesses to her disorder and setting Victor's house on fire. She doesn't remember it but tells her that Adam told her about it. Avery says it shouldn't go to trial. She tells her to go home and Nick reminds her to stay put. After, Nick tells Avery that he has to keep Sharon away from Adam for everyone's sake. Later, Nick and Avery share a playful moment before Phyllis shows up. Nick and Phyllis play nice while party planning Summer’s birthday.

Lily catches up with Cane at Neil's office at Jabot. She finishes a call with the twins then admits to having mommy guilt but Cane assures her she's a great mom and he loves having her at the office and at home. They flirt more and head home.

Adam shows up at Sharon's house. She recounts what happened with Avery but Adam tells her she doesn't need a lawyer - Victor won't be coming after her. Sharon wonders about the two of them and says they're finally just friends. He agrees but suggests their kiss was the only thing in the whole mess that made sense. He's not going to lie - he feels something that makes it impossible to be married to Chelsea.

In his office Jack anxiously holds onto his bottle of pills.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill tells Katherine she let Tucker in - last night.

Sharon admits to her therapist that she has feelings for Adam.

Adam tells Victor, "You’d be a fool to get rid of me."

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