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Adam deals with Victor, Sharon takes off, and Neil worries.

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Nikki pays Chelsea a visit to ask her to testify against Sharon. Chelsea says Adam is upset and even moved out. Nikki knows he still has feelings for Sharon. Chelsea tries to get rid of her, but Nikki tells her Adam paid witnesses to place Sharon in Chicago at the time of the fire. Chelsea says she won't see Adam put in prison. Nikki tells her how alike they are, and tries to persuade her that Adam will come back to her even if she puts Sharon away.

Carmine is working at On The Boulevard and hears Michael and Lauren discussing their anniversary. He brings them a bottle of champagne. Michael reminds him he tried to kidnap Chloe and refuses it. Nearby, Neil argues with Jack about his plans to roll Jabot into Newman. Jack tells Neil to relax. Meanwhile, Michael takes a call and Carmine tells Lauren he didn't mean to offend Michael - he's not that guy anymore. He returns to the bar where Detective Alex claims to recognize him from New York. Carmine says he's from Detroit. Carmine doesn't recognize Adrianna's photo, but says Noah Newman attacked him.

Nick takes Avery to the empty nightclub and tells her he bought it. She's thrilled. He describes his vision, they open champagne, and talk about naming it 'The Underground'. After, they discuss Sharon.

At home, Sharon takes her suitcase and heads out with Faith.

At Jabot, Neil tells Leslie about Jack's plans. He worries he'll become second-in-command again. Neil tells her something is off - Jack has always been fiercely territorial about his family's business. Neil tells Leslie he's concerned it was a mistake to come to Jabot. They get close over a file and then awkwardly part ways.

At Newman, Victor warns Adam he won't leave a stone unturned to link Sharon to the fire. He asks Adam if he's going to look out for Jack or Sharon. Adam tells Victor he can't keep showing up there and says he'll have to trust him to do this his way. Victor agrees, but warns him to be careful. Jack arrives as Victor exits. Adam tells Jack he lied to Victor that he's in his corner. He then warns Jack that he'd better get his act together with the pills, likening is father to a shark coming in for the kill. Jack insists he's fine, but Adam backs up his concerns. Jack says he's messed up because his attention is split between two companies. Adam cautions against merging the companies and urges Jack to rest so he can run Newman. Later, Jack and Mason bond over a mistake. Jack looks at John's photo and resists taking pills.

At the penthouse, Nikki tells Victor that Chelsea is protecting Adam, adding that she understands all too well. Victor stuns her by saying they're not going to pursue the case against Sharon. Nikki realizes he made a deal with Adam and is appalled that he'll let Sharon off to get his company back.

Michael surprises Lauren at home with her favorite food and champagne - and Fenmore's gone for the night. Michael gifts her with a handwritten love letter. She gets tears as he recites it. They kiss.

Nick and Noah talk about the nightclub and Sharon at home. Noah notices Faith's doll is there. Nick runs it over to Sharon's but no one is there. He calls her cellphone and leaves a message.

In her car, Sharon ignores Nick's call and tells Faith she'll love the 'fun place'. Faith cries. Sharon gets in the back and comforts her.

Nick arrives at Avery's house and calls Noah, asking him to phone if Sharon stops by. He tells Avery Sharon is gone with Faith.

Noah gets a call from Adrianna at the tackhouse. He tells her a cop is looking for her and not to come there.

Adam arrives home where Chelsea says she's ready to recommit. He's willing, but is still struggling with her going to his father behind his back. She asks him if he can make their marriage his top priority.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin tells Chloe opportunity exists all around them - you have to know where to look.

Nick and Avery are at the tackhouse. Nick doesn't like that he can't get Noah to answer his cellphone.

Jack says to Phyllis, "Let's just chalk it up to stupidity." She says, "And the pills."

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