King Of The World.

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Adam warns Jack, Chloe confronts Kevin, and Avery catches Summer.

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Jack grimaces and pops pills at Newman. John appears. They argue about the pill-popping. Jack says he's 'King of the World'. John says he's hurt and lonely - pills won't make that go away.

At Crimson Lights, Fen teases Jamie about being studious. He walks away and Summer approaches Jamie. He asks her to sit, but she has someplace to be.

Adam comes home and tells Chelsea pretending things are normal won't make him forget what she did. Chelsea complains that he judges her more harshly than Sharon. They argue about him helping Sharon. She taunts him about loving how Sharon needs him. Adam reminds her they fell for each other because they admitted they're flawed, and then leaves.

Lauren and Michael kiss at home. Michael gets a call that Jamie's father's been arrested. They talk about how Jamie could end up in foster care and want to help him.

Summer looks at Avery's love letters in the storage unit. Jamie arrives. Summer explains it's a quiet place to go. Jamie gets another mean text. Jamie's glad she's not the person texting. Michael calls Jamie to come over. Jamie promises to keep Summer's secret.

Chloe roots through Kevin's tip jar at the coffee house - she's looking for the money missing from Tag 'n' Grab. She tells Kevin that Tucker called her. "You stole Tucker's money, didn't you?" Kevin denies it, but then says he just used creative accounting. Chloe orders him to put the money back. Kevin won't. Chelsea arrives. Kevin stalks off. Chelsea tells Chloe everything about Sharon and Adam kissing, and her telling the Newmans about the fire. She says her marriage may be over. Chloe invites her to stay with them and urges her to get Sharon out of the picture. Chloe offers to help. On the patio, Kevin taps some keys and says, "Cardboard box, here we come."

Adam finds Jack at the restaurant bar and warns him about drinking on pain meds. Jack asks if he's a social worker. Adam says he should look after himself. Jack reminds him he works for him and they discuss Victor trying to get the company back. Adam warns Jack he's making it too easy - Victor knows he's steering the Newman ship heavily medicated. Jack thinks Adam might be out to get him too. Adam says he's looking out for him and suggests that Jack trust him - he has no one else. Adam gets worked up talking about the Newmans and Jack questions his emotion. They discuss Sharon. Jack muses it's good to be back in her orbit. Adam thinks he's talking about Red. Jack advises Adam to cut Chelsea loose if he's only pretending.

Fen arrives home where Lauren and Michael tell him about Jamie's situation and wanting to help him. Fen makes sarcastic remarks and Michael snaps at him. Jamie arrives and is told his father was in a hit-and-run DUI - he's been arrested. Lauren says they'll help. Jamie resists staying for dinner when Fen appears, but Fen encourages it. Over dinner Fen is nice but once Lauren and Michael leave the room he turns on Jamie. Jamie reminds him he's headed for foster care and tells Fen he's too stupid to be grateful for what he has. Lauren and Michael return and find Jamie's gone. Michael asks Fen what he did to Jamie.

Avery enters her storage unit and finds her love letters have been opened.

Avery finds Summer at the tackhouse and asks where she went when she cut school. Summer sighs. "You know, don't you?" Avery reads her the riot act for looking at her letters and warns her to keep it to herself. Later, Jamie stops by and talks to Summer about his dad. He says Fen thinks he's trying to steal her and his parents away. Jamie says Fen doesn't know how lucky he is, and kisses Summer.

Avery returns to her storage locker and changes the lock.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon says to Nick, "Victor wants to see me rot in jail. It looks like he's going to get his chance!"

Chelsea tells Adam he doesn't seem interested in trying to fix things. He asks, "Can things be fixed?"

Nick pays Victor a visit to get him to back off Sharon. Victor asks, "Why would I do that?"

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