Run Away With Me.

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Vikki considers Billy's request, Nikki worries about Victor, and Jack messes up.

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Nikki meets Katherine at the restaurant and tells her Sharon burned down the ranch but they have no proof. Katherine is upset that Nikki's consumed with revenge. Nikki fears a part of Victor went missing with the ranch. They discuss Victor's fixation with wanting his company back. Nikki worries the stress will kill him. Katherine tells Nikki she can understand Victor wanting to take back the reins like she did.

At the penthouse, Victor tells someone on the phone to find proof that Sharon burned down the ranch - that woman must pay.

Jack is passed out in his car with a pill bottle next to him. He groggily awakens.

Phyllis greets Kyle at Newman and is frantic over Jack being late for a very important meeting. She panics that it will look like he isn't up to running Newman Enterprises. Kyle goes looking as the client arrives. Phyllis tries to stall the important green energy guy - except she finds out that he's Mason, Sarge's nephew who came to interview for an assistant job.

At home, Billy offers to put the decorations back up, but Vikki says she's Jamaica'd out. She also doesn't want to go out. He muses she may not like Plan B - two tickets to Jamaica. "Run away with me." Victor shows up and tells Vikki that Sharon set fire to the ranch. Vikki quips, "Score one for your side." Victor wants her to help devise a plan to take back Newman. She says the company is still more important to him than she is. Victor rants that it's a legacy. She tells him to stop trying to manipulate her. Victor says she wants Newman back as much as he does. He works on her by bringing up Adam. Vikki says she sick of the infighting and power plays. "I don't care!" Victor lays a guilt trip on her. She challenges him to prove he loves them more than the company by letting it go. She runs upstairs. Billy appears and congratulates Victor on chasing all his children away. Later, Vikki tells Billy she'll go to Jamaica. They kiss.

Nick arrives at Avery's place complaining about Sharon giving him headaches. He asks Avery why she was upset last night. Avery admits she's afraid of being too open - it might change how he feels about her. Nick urges her to tell him about her 'mistake'. Avery says she was married to a good man and cheated on him. Nick says he cheated on Phyllis and Sharon. Avery says she lied about it and it changes who he thought she was. Nick explains how he came to cheat. Avery laments that her affair just caused pain. Nick realizes she loved the guy she had an affair with. She says it doesn't matter - he was killed in Afghanistan. She found out just when Victor called her to come to Genoa City. Nick gives a comforting speech and they kiss.

Phyllis goes to the Abbott house where Jack stumbles in. She complains that he missed a meeting and an interview with Sarge's nephew, Mason. She asks what's going on with him - it looks like he slept in his clothes. He sniffs that it's none of her business. Jack claims he was in Chicago, stayed in a hotel, and his phone went dead. Phyllis is skeptical and points out that she spaced on a meeting and interview. She says his meeting is in ten minutes.

At Newman, Phyllis introduces Jack to the important client, who is on his way out but had a successful meeting with Phyllis. Jack chuckles, "Let's get on with our busy day!" Phyllis looks stunned. Jack is introduced to Mason, after which Kyle questions Jack about going to Chicago. Once alone, Phyllis tells Jack he's giving award-winning performances and blames his pills. He barks, "Back off, Red!"

Nikki arrives home to find Victor moping. "I've lost them all." He talks about the orphanage and building his business. Nikki says they're all tired of fighting, but she understands he doesn't feel whole without Newman. She says he must accept that his children can live without it.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

John talks to Jack about the pills.

Chloe tells Kevin that Tucker contacted her about the discrepancy in the business account.

Avery says, "It's in the past and needs to stay there."

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