Too Much Trouble.

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

The party gets underway, Billy plans a surprise, and Michael puts work ahead of family.

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At the penthouse, Nikki tells Victor Abby called to say she couldn't make it, but she's sending a case of champagne and the best bartender in town. Victor answers the door to Carmine. Nikki wows Victor in her dress. She notices Carmine. Victor says he'll earn his money.

At home, Vikki tells Billy she's not going to her parents' party - she's not in the mood. Billy says it might help bring back the old Vik. She apologizes for being such a downer and reminds him they want her to dump him. He says, "You love me too much for that." They talk about their situation. Billy says if fixing things with Victor helps, he's all for it. She's not ready, but would like to see Nikki and Nick. Billy admires her in a gold dress and clears his throat a lot. Vikki leaves. Billy calls a store to see when they close. He leaves and returns with bags and starts moving furniture.

Lauren complains to Michael at home about going to Victor's party on their anniversary. Fen appears and says he's not going. Michael asks if he's avoiding Summer. Fen says yes and tells them to get off his back. Michael thinks his heart's been broken. They wonder if they were sexually active.

At the tackhouse, Noah is upset that Summer went in his room. She says she wants to ditch the party. Noah tells her they should go. Summer agrees. He asks about Fen and she asks about the New York girl - she seems like too much trouble. Once alone, Noah checks him gym bag and calls Adrianna to see if she's safe. Summer reappears and says at least their moms will be at the party.

Nick arrives at Avery's place to find she's not ready for the party. She doesn't want to meet his family this way. He tells her he's not going without her and wants everyone to know she's his girl. Avery's not sure about making a big statement. He is. She agrees to go. Nick kisses her. They decide to be late. After sex, Avery tries on dresses. After four, Nick convinces her to go.

Adam arrives at home. Chelsea says Victor called to ask if they were coming to the party. She wonders if Adam was planning to go without her or take someone else. Adam says he's not going - the Newmans will have to find a new villain for tonight. Chelsea talks, but Adam isn't really listening - he's thinking about the party.

At home, Sharon flashes to saying goodbye to Adam. She thinks back on her clashes with the Newmans and panics. Looking at Faith's drawing calms her.

Nikki opens the door to Adam and Chelsea. She says it's not a good time. Adam says they were invited. Victor greets them, beaming. Adam tells Nikki he can't blame her for being surprised - imagine how he felt. Nikki and Victor express condolences for their baby. Adam asks Victor why he invited him. Victor says he's his son. Nikki takes Victor aside. "You're up to something." Victor feigns innocence. Adam chats with Carmine and Chelsea panics that they're the only ones. Victoria arrives and whispers with Nikki about Adam and Chelsea being there. Victor greets Vikki, who asks to talk. Victor dodges. Adam and Chelsea great Vikki. He says he was sorry to hear of her ordeal in Miami. Vikki responds sarcastically. Awkwardness ensues among the women as Adam and Victor spar. Victor mentions the amount of painkillers Jack's taking. Adam scoffs, "Very subtle, Dad." Adam decides Victor's using him as bait to get Nick and Victoria to fight for his legacy. Nick and Avery arrive. Nick spots Adam. Nikki tells him to play nice. Victor booms that he'll show Nick around and it's a nice surprise to see Avery. Summer and Noah arrive. Chelsea is freaked out. Summer calls Fen and tells him she needs a friend. He tells her to call Jamie. Summer approaches Chelsea who says, "Don't." Summer leaves. Victor makes a speech about whoever destroyed the ranch not being able to destroy the family. He toasts to rebuilding their legacy. The doorbell rings - it's Sharon.

Lauren and Michael return home. He's been called to an arraignment so they couldn't go anywhere. He apologizes profusely.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin is asked if he knows the whereabouts of Noah Newman. He asks, "Who wants to know?" The guy says, "NYPD."

Jack shakes an empty pill bottle and yells at his doctor on the phone that he's in pain now!

Everybody at the party turns as Sharon says, "Hello, everyone."

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