It's Time.

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Nick confronts Sharon, Victor wants a party, and Jack's behavior stuns his staff.

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Nikki leads Victor into their new penthouse. He marvels that it's beautiful. He listens to her play the piano and they share a toast. Victor wants them to get married again, with the honeymoon starting now. Later, Victor suggests a party tomorrow night. Nikki asks him not to exclude Billy. Victor admits he told Victoria the truth about him. Nikki is upset at his timing. Later, she tells Victor she asked Vikki not to bring Billy - she wonders if Vikki and Nick will even come.

At the tackhouse, Noah tells Nick that Sharon's been sick and begged him not to tell she was back. Nick demands to know where she is.

Jack tells Kyle he's going into Newman. Kyle leaves the house and Jack calls Adam. He orders him to clear his schedule.

Kyle spots Phyllis at Crimson Lights and offers her coffee. They discuss Jack. Kyle thanks her again for all she's done. Phyllis questions his new attitude toward her. He wants the animosity in the past. Eden calls him over and asks if he's avoiding her. Kyle makes excuses. Eden asks about Phyllis. Kyle says he grew up. They kiss. Phyllis asks Kyle for a lift to work.

Nick arrives at Sharon's and rants about Faith missing her. Sharon admits she's seen her. They argue. Nick says Noah mentioned she's been sick. Sharon says she had a breakdown and was diagnosed as bi-polar. Nick asks about her doctor. Sharon says Adam found her - he practically saved her life. Noah arrives and Nick asks Sharon if she had anything to do with the ranch burning down. She denies it. Nick asks Noah. He denies it too. Nick snarks about Adam being a hero. He tells Noah and Sharon to always come to him - not Adam. After, Noah tells Sharon that Nick found out from Phyllis. Sharon says it's time to face the people she's hurt.

Jack arrives at Newman and barks questions at Adam. He asks him to look into Jabot's financials. Adam says he told him not to pursue that. Jack stammers and asks about Tokyo. Adam replies, "I just told you that, Jack." Kyle and Phyllis arrive and meet Avery - Jack summoned them all. Avery and Phyllis discuss Summer. Phyllis tells her to borrow someone else's kid on the next holiday. In the meeting, Jack acts moody, distracted, and forgetful. Avery and Phyllis dish about it later. Adam thinks being involved will help Jack's recovery and suggests they give him a break. In the corridor, Jack is rude to Kyle and pops pills. In the office, Phyllis confronts Adam about the painkiller research. Adam tells her to stop with the conspiracy theories - he'll do right by Jack. Once alone, Adam reads about Oxycodone. Nick barges in and thanks him for helping Sharon, but warns him not to exploit her. Adam says she doesn't need a knight in shining armor - she's strong. They bicker. Avery spots Nick leaving.

Avery arrives at the tackhouse and Nick takes her to the restaurant for a drink. He fills her in about Sharon and how he wants to make sure Adam doesn't take advantage. Nick gets a call from Nikki and says he'll pass on the party. She gets him to reconsider. He says he's bringing a date.

Adam stops at Sharon's to tell her about Nick's visit. She says she denied being involved in the fire. Adam reassures her he covered her tracks. Sharon says Noah knows, but protected her. Sharon tells Adam he should go. He says he can't. They discuss Victor - she wants to make amends. Adam gets a call from Victor inviting him and Chelsea to the housewarming. Adam agrees to think about it. He tells Sharon about the party.

In the corridor at Newman, Kyle and Phyllis discuss being worried about Jack, and how Adam reacted. She suggests they watch him and report back. Kyle grins. "We'll be talking every five minutes."

At home, Jack makes a deal on the phone and swigs a drink of whiskey.

Nikki tells Victor, in the living room, that Nick's bringing a date. Victor says he'll try to be happy that Nick's in a good place.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery tells Nick he'll just have to go without her. He laughs "No. That's not going to happen."

Michael tells Fen he's going to ask him something and he wants him to answer truthfully. Fen asks, "What is it?"

Victor opens the door to Carmine, who tells him he's his bartender.

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