Bonding Over Breakfast.

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Lauren confronts Fen, Phyllis and Summer have a breakthrough, and Neil's family urges him to loosen up.

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Leslie drops in on a busy Neil at Jabot. She tells him she can't sign the contract due to their past dating. Leslie admits she's still wondering what might have happened between them in her hotel suite if he hadn't been such a gentleman. She's worried about being inappropriate. Neil says if they're tempted to date, he'll fire her first.

Fen gives Lauren attitude at Crimson Lights and gets reprimanded by Michael. Lauren says they've noticed a change in him and it's not for the better - since he started hanging out with Summer. They bicker and Fen takes off. Lauren quips, "So much for bonding over breakfast." They talk about raising kids and Fen having a thing for Summer. Nearby, Devon and Lily dish about Neil running Jabot. Jamie arrives and Michael invites him over for dinner to meet Fen. Jamie says he knows him and they don't get along. Lauren thinks he seems intimidated, and decides to try again after Michael leaves. Fen returns and mocks them for being 'buds' now. Fen tells Jamie he's welcome to his life. Lauren angrily drags Fen away and asks if he's jealous because that's how he's acting. She hopes Fen will be a positive influence on Jamie. Fen goes and apologizes to Jamie for being a jerk. They get to talking about parents and Summer.

Phyllis arrives at the tackhouse after learning Summer's cut school for three days and Nick didn't call her. She warns him about leaving her out of the loop. Nick doesn't know where Summer is or where she's been hanging out.

In a storage unit, Summer pulls a trophy belonging to Avery Summers out of a box. She takes a call from Nick and Phyllis and says she's fine. They insist she come back and get driven to school.

At the tackhouse, Phyllis commends Nick on handling Summer, but they start bickering again. Summer arrives and says this is her problem - this family is too broken to fix. Phyllis confronts her about lying that everything was okay. Summer hugs Nick and apologizes. Phyllis tells her to stop manipulating. Noah arrives. Phyllis asks for time alone with Summer. Nick and Noah leave. Phyllis explains to Summer why she left home and says she has it so much better. Phyllis says she sees the same desire to leave in her - it scares her. Summer admits she wants to go somewhere and start a new life. Phyllis warns her issues may follow her and says she'll only end up hurting herself or others. Phyllis says the anger has to stop. Summer cries that she's mad because of what she did because it ruined their family. Summer knows she talks big, but says she could never leave - she'd miss them too much. Phyllis hugs her.

Nick and Noah are at the abandoned nightclub. Nick says he's considering buying it. Noah begins imagining design features. Nick guesses he likes the idea and says he's warming up to it too. Noah wants to be partners. Nick isn't sure about that. Noah says he can tend bar. Nick smiles.

Lily enters Neil's office where he's laughing with Leslie and welcoming her to Jabot. Later, Neil emerges from a meeting with Devon, who hated being in there surrounded by pinstripes - he thinks Jabot should be a hip, creative environment and suggests they start with casual Fridays. He tells Neil to loosen up - the attitudes could use some adjusting around there. Neil says he's lucky he's family.

Leslie and Lily talk over lunch at the restaurant. They laugh about Neil being uptight when he puts on a suit. Devon joins them and they all talk about Neil needing to loosen up.

Nick returns to the tackhouse and is happy to learn Phyllis made progress with Summer. Phyllis says she went to school. They talk about Noah and Phyllis mentions seeing Sharon there at Thanksgiving. When she's gone, Nick confronts Noah.

Summer comes into the coffee house and Jamie goes. Summer asks Fen why he's hanging out with him. He says he's following her lead.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kyle tells Eden he doesn't want to break up with her. She asks what this thing is he has going on with Phyllis.

Phyllis tells Avery next time she finds herself alone, to find someone else's kid to borrow.

Nick tells Sharon that Noah said she was sick. She says she can't talk about that. Nick urges her to tell him what's wrong.

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