Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Sharon and Adam say goodbye, Billy tries to help Victoria, and Avery surprises Nick.

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At Adam and Chelsea's house, he's fed up with her paranoia about Sharon. He explodes that it's lose/lose for him no matter what. He asks what he can do. She says, "Never see Sharon again." They end up screaming at each other. Adam hollers that he's a better man now and is proud of himself. She yells that he's cheated on her in his head and heart! He says they have no hope if she can't be rational. He picks up his coat and Chelsea asks if he's going to 'her'.

At home, Sharon tells her doctor Chelsea knows about her setting the fire and threatened to tell everyone if she doesn't stay away from Adam. They discuss Sharon's fear of seeing Nick or Victor - Sharon only feels safe with Adam. The doctor notes her smile. Sharon talks about New Orleans. The doctor tells her to choose a touchstone - a gift or piece of music that calms her. Sharon says Adam's been her touchstone.

Avery is cooking in her kitchen when Nick calls to say he burned his microwave dinner. She tells him to come over. When he arrives, they eat and kiss. Avery says she has a surprise - a trip into his future.

Phyllis is preparing to leave the Abbott house when Kyle appears and asks what he needs to do to make her stay. Jack muses that he must be quite a burden. Phyllis insists there is plenty of staff. Kyle helps her on with her coat and out to her car. Kyle returns and asks Jack to put him in Phyllis' department at Newman. Jack mentions Billy. Kyle tells him to get whatever Billy did off his back.

Billy and Vikki discuss a shower leak at home. She's not impressed by his efforts and says she'll call a plumber. He asks if she saw the flowers. She says none of that will erase what he did. Billy reminds her she once thought he was a good guy. He pulls her over and invites her to hit him or yell, but not to walk away. Billy tries to get her to talk about the kidnapping. She describes what it was like and becomes agitated. Jack arrives wanting to patch things up with Billy. Jack takes part blame for what happened to Vikki, and is glad she's alright. Vikki appears. "I'm far from alright." They both tell Jack he only cares about himself. Outside, Jack looks at his pills. Inside, Billy tells Vikki they'll work through this together.

Victor pays Adam a visit at work with 'the opportunity of a lifetime'. Victor shows him a prescription for Jack's pain meds. "You use that document and you take Newman Enterprises away from him." Adam muses he's the only one to do his dirty work. Victor leaves. Phyllis arrives and asks Adam what was on the conspirators' agenda. He tells her they were plotting to take over the North Pole. Sharon calls him asking to see him. Adam says he'll make it happen and after, tells Phyllis to channel her energy on something other than being suspicious. Later, she searches his desk and finds the document.

Chelsea enters the restaurant and asks Nikki if she's seen Adam. Nikki is snippy, but then they talk. Nikki mentions they don't know who set fire to the ranch. She apologizes to Chelsea for being mean earlier. Victor arrives and kisses Nikki, who tells him the penthouse is finished. He wants to celebrate the start of a new adventure, but tells her not to invite Billy.

Avery and Nick arrive at an empty nightclub. She says it's for sale and paints a vision of 'Nick's Bar'.

Adam arrives at Sharon's place. She tells him she has to cut him off completely - his wife deserves all of him. He says he can't afford to lose her. Sharon tells him to go to Chelsea and devote all his energy to their life together. He asks if she'll be happy. "Someday." They embrace and say goodbye. Later, Sharon cries over Faith's drawing.

Back at Avery's, Nick says it's nice that she looks out for his vision. They kiss and start undressing.

At home, Nick looks at photos Avery sent of the nightclub.

Adam joins Chelsea at home and tells her Sharon knows she's on her own now. They embrace.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil tells Leslie he just needs a signature and she'll be Jabot's new chief legal officer. She says she can't sign it.

Lauren says to Fen, "What we're trying to say is..." He interrupts. "You don't like Summer."

Phyllis tells Nick he is not going to cut her out of her daughter's life.

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