Nepotism Lives On.

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Jack returns to work, Chloe and Chelsea make plans, and Cane is disillusioned at work.

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At home, Adam tells Chelsea no one can find out Sharon is mentally in chaos. Chelsea's just glad she left their place. Adam passes Chloe on his way out and suggests she tell Kevin to back off. Chloe tells Chelsea she's afraid her and Kevin won't make it, and describes how irrational he's been. Chelsea reassures her, and admits things have been better with her and Adam as well. She swears Chloe to secrecy and tells her all about Sharon. Chloe reassures her that Adam adores her, and adds that she's been a great influence on him. Chloe talks about going into the fashion business together. Chelsea says she knows nothing about business. Chloe tells her to stop acting like a girl. They wonder what their husbands will say.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin opens his mail and hollers, "No!"

Phyllis leaves Summer a voicemail from the Abbott house. Jack comes downstairs in a suit. Phyllis says he came downstairs like a hermit crab - it's too soon to return to work. Jack insists on half a day. He downs some pills and they discuss their kiss. Jack apologizes - he got caught up in the moment. Phyllis doesn't want anything to mess up their friendship.

Cane meets with Neil at Jabot. Devon enters, and Neil tells him Cane will be his new mentor. He asks Cane to teach him everything he needs to know to get to the top. Cane, clearly not thrilled, watches Neil give Devon encouragement. Devon explains to Cane why he's giving up music and asks if he's worried he'll try to take his job. Cane insists he's not concerned. Cane goes to find Neil and accuses him of brushing him off. Neil denies it, and then suggests he run his ideas by Devon first - then they can all brainstorm. Cane sighs.

Kevin finds Gloria at the restaurant. She confronts him about ditching on Thanksgiving. Kevin tells her he needs $10,000 or he's going to lose his house. Glo talks about the menu, before saying she's got problems too. Kevin's sorry she lost Gloworm, but that's in the past. He talks about how he, Chloe and Delia won't make it to Christmas dinner if they have no house. He explains how he was unable to make his house payments and admits Chloe doesn't know he used it for collateral on the business. Gloria hasn't received a dime from insurance and can't help. Kevin rants that she and Michael want him to fail - well it's not going to happen.

Jack overhears Adam asking for the financials from Jabot when he arrives at Newman and confronts him. Adam reminds him he wanted to fold Jabot into Newman Cosmetics and assures him he knows the chain-of-command. Kyle arrives and will be joining the team. Adam muses that nepotism lives on at Newman. Kyle spots Phyllis in the hall. She asks if he has a plan to get rid of Adam. He thinks they should pretend to support him while bringing him down. They shake. Meanwhile, Jack sends Adam to get a contract, and Adam watches while he pops some pills. Phyllis accuses him of spying. Adam says Jack is trying to hide his pain and is pushing himself too hard. Phyllis doubts the sincerity of his concern. Adam calls Sharon and leaves a message about lunch. Chelsea arrives and overhears. He insists it's just tuna fish sandwiches. Chelsea lets it go and tells him about the new business with Chloe. He won't listen. Phyllis is in with Jack. He nixes her attempts at getting him to take a break or eat. After, he calls for a refill on pain pills and a higher dosage.

Chloe finds Kevin at Crimson Lights and apologizes for their argument last night. He says he's angry because no one will stand by him. She tells him she's going to invest the proceeds of Tucker's buyout in a new venture with Chelsea. He tells her they could lose the house. She asks, "What did you do?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Summer tells Phyllis that lately, she's only willing to listen if they're talking about her.

Michael asks Kevin, "How much?" Kevin tells him $10,000.

Paul tells Christine he knows what he wants. "I want you."

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