Big Happy Dysfunctional Family.

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Katherine gets an unexpected visitor, Victoria's situation worsens, and Sharon moves home.

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In Miami, Billy tries to get Eddie to pick up his phone.

In Eddie's room, Victoria scrambles to get the ringing phone beside Eddie's body. She gets it and tells Billy and Nick she is handcuffed to a couch in a house and Eddie's dead. The lights go out and a man enters. He says Eddie was working for him. He pulls a gun and takes her from the house. The man returns and find the phone is still connected. Billy and Nick grab him. He says Victoria is dead. Billy finds her unresponsive in the next room. She regains consciousness to his relief.

At the Chancellor mansion, Devon tells Katherine he's there because they may not have many more holidays to spend together. This prompts debate among Jill, Katherine, and Esther about Kay returning to work. Katherine mentions Nina and Murphy are staying at the mission to help. The doorbell rings. Jill invited another guest - Tucker. Devon and Katherine aren't impressed. Tucker asks to put everything aside for today. Katherine wonders, "What? Be one big happy dysfunctional family?" Soon, they're all discussing Devon's studio. He says Neil offered him a job at Jabot. Tucker offers to bring Devon's studio under McCall's umbrella. Devon declines and leaves. Before Tucker goes, Katherine advises him not to push too hard. He thanks her. Tucker and Katherine clasp hands.

Adam returns home from getting some air and Chelsea asks if he was looking for Sharon. Anita arrives with Jeffery, who chuckles, "Gobble, gobble." Anita picks up on the tension between Adam and Chelsea. Jeff says he's meeting Gloria later and wonders if they should leave. Adam tightly says everything's fine. Chelsea and Anita go to the kitchen, and Jeffrey grills Adam about his marriage. Adam tells him not to pretend to be a father.

At the tackhouse, Phyllis chides Sharon about what she did at Newman. They try to get rid of each other. Phyllis remarks on Nikki and Victor having Thanksgiving at a hotel because the ranch is gone. Sharon snaps. "Get out!" Noah arrives and tells Phyllis that Summer's having Thanksgiving with Avery. Phyllis leaves, realizing something's going on. Sharon panics. Noah reassures her and says Adam must have her meds. They bicker about Adam. Sharon blurts that she would have died in that fire if it weren't for him! She admits she started the fire. Noah decides they'll build a case around her bi-polar disorder. He suggests they go out for Thanksgiving dinner.

At home, Jack tells Ashley and Traci by phone that he was happy to fly his niece there for Thanksgiving. He grimaces in pain after. Phyllis arrives upset over Avery trying to steal her life. Jack asks about Daniel. She says he and Lucy are with Heather in Chicago. Jack tells Phyllis they're family and will eat together. He complains that Kyle hasn't answered his calls and reminisces about the holiday dinners in the house. Jack regrets the lost chances to let family know how grateful he is for them. He wonders if taking over Newman was a mistake. Phyllis reassures him. They end up kissing.

At the restaurant with Noah, Sharon panics that everyone's staring at her. They leave.

Back at Sharon's house, she apologizes to Noah for embarrassing him. He decides to run out for something. Sharon grabs her coat and leaves.

Sharon tells Adam and Chelsea at their door, that she's moved home. She asks for her pills. While Adam's getting them, Sharon apologizes to Chelsea and tells her not to take Adam for granted. After, Chelsea tells Adam she's been a jealous idiot

At the trendy restaurant, Neil, Lily, and Cane are having Thanksgiving dinner. Neil says the second dinner will be better because Moses and Devon will be there. Devon arrives saying Tucker crashed at Katherine's place. Devon tells Neil he's accepting his job offer. Lily's thrilled they'll be working together, but Cane clearly is not.

Noah returns to Sharon's house with Faith, much to Sharon's delight.

On the jet, Nick cradles Vikki and glares at Billy sitting alone.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Nina tells Paul they don't have to discuss this anymore. He says it's not that simple. She says it is.

Tucker tells Kevin and Chloe that Adam offered him his share in Tag 'n' Grab.

At Billy and Victoria's house, Victor tells Billy to take his things and get out - he doesn't ever want to see him near his daughter again.

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