Crazy Ol' Fruit Bat.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Avery and Phyllis cross paths, Katherine tests Jill, and Billy and Nick are delayed.

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At the Chancellor mansion, Jill tells Katherine she slept great. Katherine says she's decided to bring her on as co-CEO. Jill's thrilled. Katherine gives her the contract to sign, but Jill complains it doesn't make her an equal partner. They argue heatedly and Katherine slumps to the sofa. Jill rushes to her side. Katherine recovers and tells her it was a test of her true affections. Jill says she's as infuriating as ever, calls her a crazy ol' fruit bat, and hugs her.

Phyllis finds Jack passed out on his living room sofa with work all around him. As he wakes, Adam arrives. Adam and Phyllis trade barbs. She leaves to run errands and tells Adam to be gone when she returns. Adam asks Jack why he sent an urgent email at 2:00 AM demanding a meeting on Thanksgiving. Jacks says he okayed a risky acquisition without his approval. Adam convinces him it's fine. Jack says he wants approval on any other acquisitions and downs some pills. Jack reassures Adam he doesn't trust him less as he sees him out. Adam gets a call - he orders a search for Sharon. Jack leaves Billy a voicemail to stop by for Thanksgiving. He grimaces in pain as Tucker arrives and says he has doubts about how he's handling Newman. He thinks he should be heading things up instead of Adam and Phyllis. Talk turns to Chancellor. Jack accuses him of wanting to swoop in and be the savior. Tucker says it's ridiculous, and warns he'll step in at Newman and take action if he has to.

At Victoria and Billy's house, Victor tells Nikki he's frustrated that Billy and Nick have been delayed by bad weather. He calls someone who can get to Vikki in time if they can't. Nikki panics when he says security is going to check out the four properties associated with Eddie G. She begs him to stop them. Victor tells her to calm down and complains about Vikki marrying that useless SOB, Billy Abbott. They talk about her being strong like her mother. Victor says they won't give up hope.

In the Newman jet on a tarmac in West Virginia. Billy and Nick bicker about what to do next. Nick thinks they have time - he won't kill Victoria or he won't get his money. Billy says Eddie's crazy. They argue about going inside to use a payphone since there's no cell service in the storm. They then argue about what Victoria would do. Nick says he'll always be her brother, and he'll always be the husband she won't forgive. As they wait to take off, Billy finally gets a signal.

Phyllis and Avery cross paths at Crimson Lights. Phyllis tells her the gossip columnist posted about her and Nick being out on the town. Avery insists it's an exaggeration. Phyllis says her divorce isn't final, and she's her sister. Avery doesn't want it to be a problem, but Phyllis says she'll never be fine with it. They end up in an argument about Thanksgiving and their parents. Avery wants to celebrate that they still have each other. "It's never going to happen, is it?" Phyllis is stunned. Adam appears. Avery leaves, and Adam bickers with Phyllis about Newman. Adam wants to set aside their animosity. Adam gets a call and says, "We need to find her." Phyllis asks if his wife is missing. He says no. She agrees to try to get along. Adam says it's nice to see her reconnecting with Jack. Phyllis leaves a message on Avery's voicemail - she doesn't want them to be mad at each other.

At home, Avery listens to Phyllis' voicemail and pulls Thanksgiving food out of the oven. She plunks it down, grabs her coat, and goes.

Sharon arrives at the tackhouse and tells Noah she couldn't stay at the cottage anymore. Noah tells her Nick's out of town. Sharon says Chelsea is out to get her. Noah reassures her. Sharon tells him about her diagnosis. Noah feels bad that he didn't figure it out sooner. They hug. Noah tells Sharon he'll go get her medication from the cottage. Phyllis arrives and finds Sharon there alone.

Victoria wakes up in Eddie's room. He says he hasn't heard from Billy yet. Vikki knows he's coming. Eddie says he might be too late. Victoria begs him not to kill her. He insists he's not a monster. Victoria tries to commiserate with him about being away from their sons on Thanksgiving. She says he and Tommy could be in the Caribbean next year with her money and resources. He says she almost got him. She keeps talking with him about Tommy and Reed. Eddie's phone rings - it's Billy. Suddenly, Eddie is shot in the back! Victoria screams.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young And The Restless:

Katherine says, "I never invited anymore guests." Jill says, "I did." Esther shows Tucker into the room.

Phyllis talks about all the Thanksgiving dinners that were at the ranch, and now it's just gone. Sharon screams at her to get out!

A man with a gun tells Victoria not to do anything stupid or she'll end up like Eddie.

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