Saving Sharon.

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Nina catches Paul and Christine in a compromising position, Leslie accepts Neil's offer, and Sharon disappears.

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Nina catches Christine and Paul kissing on the Crimson Lights patio. Chris leaves and Nina demands to know if Paul’s involved with her again. Paul says he’s sorry she saw the kiss. He shares the details of the video of Ricky killing Rachel. He attempts to pass off what’s happening with Christine as one friend helping another and Nina tells him to keep lying to himself. He explains his feelings for her haven’t changed but raves about all the support Chris has given him. Nina wonders if she had stayed would it be different - Paul doesn’t answer. Michael pops by and looks concerned for Nina. She blames it on jet lag and walks away.

At the cottage, Chelsea snoops around and checks out Sharon’s meds while she’s asleep on the sofa. Sharon wakes up and wonders what she’s doing there. She questions if Adam knows she’s there and suggests he wouldn’t approve. Chelsea wonders if Sharon is more than just grateful for Adam. After Chelsea leaves, Sharon anxiously paces in the cottage talking to herself. She freaks out and throws her meds across the room while screaming, "It’s not working, nothing is working!"

Leslie stops by Neil’s table at the Club. She joins him while he waits for his son. He takes the opportunity to ask about the job offer he gave her. She accepts it but wonders why he left a more lucrative position at Chancellor. He tells her he wanted to contribute more - he’s a hands on kind of guy. Leslie replies there’s nothing wrong with that. They banter about Neil being uptight and a hardass but he claims to be tough but fair. Leslie would hate to trade one circle of hell for another and they smile as he welcomes her aboard. She leaves and Devon sits down. They make small talk before Devon admits his music business is drying up and he’s looking for a back-up plan. Neil tells him there’s always a job for him at Jabot.

Nina arrives at the Chancellor residence. After hugging Katherine she recounts Paul and Christine’s kiss. She blames herself but Kay assures her she’s enough for any man and suggests Paul doesn’t know what he wants. Nina tells her she knows who he wants and shares she might go back to LA. Soon Chris shows up to talk. Katherine pleads with them to work things out then leaves the girls alone. Christine explains she doesn’t know what happened and Nina announces she done with Paul - she doesn’t want to be someone's second choice again.

Michael sits down with Paul on the Crimson Lights patio and throws an envelope on the table. It’s his get out of jail free card - he’s dropping the charges. They talk more and Michael brings up Fen. Paul suggests he keep talking to him. Michael wishes Paul a happy first day of the rest of his life then heads inside and leaves an "I love you" message for Fen. Meanwhile Paul has a last look at the Father’s Day cards from Ricky before throwing them in the trash. Christine sees this and hopes he doesn’t regret it but he’s moving on. He shares the good news about the charges. Inside Kevin admits to Michael that he and Chloe are losing their company. Michael suggests he look for what makes him happy. Kevin declares he’s sick of trying and when he storms off Michael makes a call to Chloe.

At home Adam calls out for Chelsea and realizes she’s not there. Chelsea returns and Adam presses her until she admits she went to talk to Sharon. She wants her to leave. She’s jealous and they’ve done all they can for her. Chelsea tells Adam that Sharon needs to hear it from him. She asks if he realizes what saving Sharon means and says Sharon is in love with him then pulls out the letters to prove it. He claims it’s only gratitude but she accuses him of being in love with her too. Adam concedes and they kiss before Adam heads to the cottage.

Adam bangs at the cottage door and discovers Sharon is gone. All that’s left is her bottle of pills.

Adam returns home, shows Chelsea the pills and announces that Chelsea is responsible if anything happens to Sharon.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack accuses Adam of forgetting who the real CEO of Newman Enterprises is.

Nick suggests that he and Billy figure out the best way to rescue Victoria.

Jill yells at Katherine that nothing ever changes.

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