You Are My North.

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Phyllis and Jack talk, Billy, Nick, and Victor argue, and Chris reveals evidence.

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Vikki asks Eddie G to let her out of the storage closet for a bit. He wonders why she's with a screw-up like Billy. She says she's been wondering the same thing. He brings her to his room and asks her to eat. Vikki gets him talking about his kid. Eddie doesn't know where they went - money isn't all Billy took from him. Vikki offers her resources to find his son. Eddie is unsure about trusting her. While he's distracted talking about his son, she tries to call the cops. He catches her and pulls a gun, wondering if he should take something from Billy.

At Billy's house, he and Nick argue over the situation with Victoria. Billy tells Nick if he'd stepped up to fight for Newman, Victoria wouldn't have been in Miami. Nick tells Billy he and Victor are going to Miami with him. Billy nixes the idea and they continue to argue. Victor arrives with a briefcase. Billy tells the 'arrogant bastard' he's going to get his daughter killed. Billy tells him to hand over the ransom money and let him go - if they all show up in Miami who knows what Eddie will do. Nick agrees - Victor should stay home. Victor won't hand the money over. Nick volunteers to go with Billy. Victor protests, but gives in at Nikki's urging. Nick and Billy leave. Victor chastises Nikki for not telling him sooner - Victoria would be home by now.

In Jack's living room, he wants to toast to not setting off metal detectors anymore, and to calm waters. Phyllis wonders what that is, and admits she's feeling unsteady. Jack talks about how good he's feeling, but Phyllis warns him about taking it easy. He asks about 'fiery' Phyllis. She croaks, "She's still here." Jack looks at her wedding ring and says she still has piece of metal in her way. She removes it and talks about her crises. Jack says he brought her on board at Newman selfishly - he's at his best with her. She says that's sweet. He quips, "You are my north, Red." They talk more. Jack expresses some regret about what happened with Billy. She says he can always sell Newman back to Victor. He won't walk away from his chance to run with the big boys. Phyllis expresses regret over sleeping with Ronan and hurting those she loves. They reassure each other and say they're good friends. Jack grimaces in pain. After Phyllis goes upstairs, Jack downs a bunch of pain pills.

Noah finds a package addressed to him at the tackhouse. It's a bag full of money with a note saying, "Things here are crazy. Keep this super safe. I'll be in touch. A." Summer appears and asks who the package is from. They talk about Nick and the divorce. Summer wishes Avery was her mom - she wouldn't have cheated with a detective. Noah says she needs to let that go before her anger hurts someone. He asks her if she's bullying the kid Ronan's mentoring, and warns her that people can really get hurt. Later, Noah calls Adrianna and tells her to call him.

Christine meets Paul and Michael at Crimson Lights. Paul asks if she found something. She turns her laptop toward them and they watch the video of Ricky killing Rachel. Michael says it's not enough to drop the charges against Paul. Christine is upset. Michael points out that Paul didn't see the video before he shot Ricky. Paul says he doesn't want to use the footage. Chris continues to argue and Paul storms off. Michael tells Chris to forward the video to his office.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Summer tells Jamie she heard about what 'Britni' wrote. He asks if she is 'Britni', saying Ronan was suspicious. She angrily denies it. He tells her kids get off on bullying him. Jamie says he thought she was cool and it would suck if she was like the others. Fen listens as she assures him she's not. He joins them. Summer suggests they cheer up Jamie by hitting her dad's liquor cabinet. Jamie declines. Summer sweetly says goodbye. Fen tells her she deserves an Academy Award. Summer insists she really likes Jamie and realizes Fen is jealous. She flirts to convince him to keep his mouth shut. Fen is disgusted.

At the trendy restaurant, Lauren and Michael hash out the situation with Paul and the video. Lauren tells him to follow his heart.

Chris finds Paul on the coffee house patio. They discuss what seeing the video did to him. Paul puts himself down. She says he's honorable and she can't imagine her life without him. They kiss. Nina enters.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Leslie says to Neil, "How could I possibly turn you down?"

Sharon asks Chelsea if Adam knows she's there. Chelsea asks what difference it makes. Sharon says she doesn't think he would approve.

Nina asks Paul for the truth. "Are you involved with Christine again?"

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