Destination Miami.

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Nick and Avery are gossip fodder, Victoria talks to Eddie, and Jill makes a proposal.

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At the restaurant, Avery asks Nick about the divorce meeting. He wants no talking about that or Phyllis. When Avery's in the restroom, a gossip columnist grills Nick about abandoning his wife right before her trial to romance her sister. Nick threatens a lawsuit. The woman leaves when Avery returns. Nick fills Avery in.

Jeffrey drops in on Chelsea. She tells him she's sorry about the Gloworm fire. Jeff admits he's glad to be out of that pressure cooker. Adam enters as Chelsea asks if they know who did it. Adam tells Jeff he was sorry to hear about it. Jeff says it's the reason for insurance. Adam offers to cover any other costs. Chelsea and Jeff marvel at his generous offer.

At the Club, Jill tells Tucker that Katherine doesn't know he's meeting with them about Chancellor. Tucker says she'll be angry, but Jill's unconcerned. Kay appears and asks if it's an ambush. Tucker protests they're just looking out for her. Jill tells Katherine she has a solution - the two of them will go back as a team and run the company together. Debate ensues. Tucker asks Kay what's so bad about sharing the workload. Jill points out they could accomplish more. Katherine says she'll sleep on it, and gruffly reminds Jill she can come back to the mansion. Tucker and Jill marvel that she didn't say no.

In the Club dining room, Victor is handed the dossier of Eddie G. Victor orders the guy to watch Eddie, but warns he must not know he's being followed. Victor calls for the jet - destination Miami.

Eddie G enters Victoria's cell and asks her to eat, saying he has no beef with her, just her husband. She mentions that she's Victor Newman's daughter. He says this has nothing to do with her father - Billy skipped out on a gambling debt. Victoria says she can get him more than Billy ever could, and suggests they just settle this and move on. He notes her lack of faith in Billy. Vikki says he's out of his league on this - does he think she's stupid enough to give a gambling addict access to her accounts? Eddie says Billy sent him to prison and his wife and child moved away. He has to pay.

At the cottage, Faith hangs back from Sharon. Noah explains to her that their mother has been sick. Sharon assures her she'll be fine. Faith decides she's going to tell Daddy. Noah explains that it's a secret surprise. Sharon sings Faith to sleep. Noah and Sharon hope this wasn't a mistake. As Noah and Faith are leaving, Adam appears. He grins at Faith, and muses if this was a good idea. Sharon says Faith knows it's a secret surprise. Once alone, Sharon opens up to Adam. Chelsea eavesdrops as Sharon worries that she may never be stable enough to be around her kids. Adam says he has absolute faith in her. Chelsea pulls out Sharon's letter that says she'd be lost without Adam.

At Avery's door, they laugh about his playboy image and the paparazzi. Nick says he had an awesome evening. She invites him in for a nightcap and Nick jokes that he's only interested in her for the food. Nick gets a call from Victor, who tells him to come to the Club on an urgent family matter.

Adam returns home to find Chelsea sitting in the dark. She demands a run-down on why he fell in love with her. Chelsea says he ran away from her after the miscarriage, but he runs to Sharon when she needs him - he'll never love her like that; she can't compete. Adam tells Chelsea he loves her, not Sharon; he chose her. They embrace. Later, Chelsea sneaks out while he works.

Nick arrives at the Club and Victor tells him Victoria's been kidnapped by a loan shark Billy owes money to - they have to go to Miami. Victor spots Katherine by the door and tells her he's headed out of town.

At home, Billy tells Nikki they need to get that money and pay Eddie before Victor jumps in and ruins everything. Nikki snaps at him not to make this about Victor - they're trying to appease a criminal who's after him! Billy knows it's his mistake - it was just so long ago when he was a different person. Nikki reassures him Victoria will get back home. Nikki recalls when Victoria was kidnapped before. She says she's even savvier now. Eddie calls. Billy asks for more time and wants to speak to Victoria. Eddie disconnects. Nick storms in and shoves Billy. "What did you do!"

In the cell, Victoria hopes Billy gets this right.

Chelsea enters the cottage and watches Sharon sleep.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Noah looks at a bag of money with a note that says, "Keep this super safe. I'll be in touch. A."

Christine shows Paul and Michael what she found.

Jack tells Phyllis she has a piece of metal getting in her way right now as he looks at her wedding ring.

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