Prison Of My Own Making.

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Paul discusses his situation with Lauren and Michael, Noah visits Adam, and Sharon gets a diagnosis.

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Phyllis arrives at the tackhouse looking for Summer. Nick says she's out with Fen. Phyllis tells him Ronan's suspicions about Summer. They discuss it, and Phyllis becomes frustrated that Nick won't even entertain the idea that Summer is in trouble. He says he'll need a lot more than her boyfriend's gut feeling.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Lauren and Michael discuss Fenmore's moodiness. They spot him sitting with Summer. Summer plants a huge kiss on Fen and leaves. Lauren and Michael confront him about Ronan's suspicions - they're hearing and seeing things they don't like, and want to know what's going on with Summer. Fen tries to say they're just friends. Michael grills him about the harassment of Jamie. Fen gets his back up. Michael warns him to drop his attitude now. Fen says anyone could be bullying Jamie - he has no proof. Later, Lauren and Michael agree Summer is bad for Fen. Paul arrives and says Heather and Christine haven't come up with anything yet. They discuss Ricky. Paul talks about feeling responsible and urges them to do whatever it takes to be sure their son is safe and happy. Talk turns back to the search for evidence. Lauren and Michael both hope Paul is exonerated. Paul says no matter how it turns out, he'll never be free - the choices he made since Ricky was born led to a prison of his own making.

At the Abbott house, Sarge catches Jack working and asks what the hell he's doing. They bicker. Sarge barks that he needs to lie down. Jack gets a call about a shipment. Phyllis arrives and mentions the divorce and Summer, but declines Jack's invite to talk. Jack needs her to do something at the office. Phyllis realizes he wants her to spy on Adam. She muses that he's been behaving perfectly, but heads out to do some recon. Jack grimaces in pain. He takes a business call and then grimaces some more. He downs some pain pills.

In the cottage, Sharon tells the therapist she doesn't want her kids to forget about her. She blurts that she visited Noah last night and shows the therapist the letters she wrote. The therapist tells her she needs medication for bi-polar disorder - she'll see improvement in about two weeks. Sharon panics. "I can't do this!" The doctor reminds her she wants to get well for her kids. Once alone, Sharon takes the meds.

At work, Adam thinks about Sharon panicking and begging him not to leave her alone. Noah appears and asks what's going on with his mom. He lets Adam know that she visited him and called him a lifesaver. Adam says it's complicated. Noah wonders what he's up to. Adam asks if Nick knows about the visit. Noah says he didn't tell him and asks if Adam's starting up with her again. Adam says his marriage is important to him, and tells Noah he should trust him on one thing - Sharon is not well. Noah asks how bad it is. Adam says she's depressed. Noah questions Adam looking out for her. Adam says they all turned their backs on her - he's the only one who stepped up to help when she needed it. Noah concedes he was hard on her. Adam says someone told him his mother would be disappointed in him, but Sharon has never been disappointed in Noah. Noah asks about the fire. Adam denies Sharon set it. They debate about the wisdom of Sharon seeing Faith and Nick finding out. Noah says he'll see her alone. Later, Avery arrives and Adam questions her about loyalty. Avery says her personal life is just that - personal. Adam says she's either for the company or for Nicholas Newman. Phyllis arrives and sparring ensues. Phyllis warns Adam that Jack's on the mend. By the elevator, Phyllis and Avery commiserate about Adam, and then bicker about Nick and Phyllis staying with Jack.

At the tackhouse, Faith tells Noah she dreamed about mommy last night - she misses her. Noah reassures her and says they'll go for a drive which will cheer her up. Nick appears and asks where they're going. Faith says Noah's taking her somewhere because of mommy. Noah lies that he was taking her to Fenmore's. Nick offers to tag along, but Noah dissuades him.

Sharon answers her door to Noah and Faith. Noah beams as Sharon and Faith hug. Sharon acts over-the-top and Faith stares at her before running to Noah.

Back at Jack's house, Phyllis toasts to Adam doing right by the company, but says he's still a pompous ass. They also toast to a new beginning for Newman, and each of them.

Nick meets Avery at a trendy restaurant for dinner. He tells her he wondered if this was a mistake due to his kids, but they're fine and he wants to be there.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam arrives home as Chelsea is asking Jeffrey if they have any idea who could have burned the place down.

Sharon says to Adam, "Faith knows that mommy being here is a secret surprise."

Katherine and Tucker listen as Jill, smiling, says, "We walk in there as a team, and we run the company."

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