Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Nick and Phyllis meet, Jill has an idea, and Victor learns the truth.

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At the tackhouse, Summer and Nick discuss the divorce meeting that day. Nick admits he's disappointed it turned out this way. Summer says she knows Phyllis must be upset with herself and miss them, but says seeing her hurts. Nick agrees. Fen arrives as Nick leaves. Summer admits to Fen it was stupid of her to bully Jamie.

Avery answers her door to Phyllis, who says she's meeting with Nick today and would like her to come for moral support. Avery tells Phyllis she may start dating Nick and accuses her of wanting to make him uncomfortable. Phyllis can't believe she won't help her.

Victor finds Billy asleep on his sofa. He grills him about the email supposedly from Victoria and the gun beside him. Billy says he needs a hobby. Victor warns if something's happened to Victoria, he'll wish he'd used the gun on himself.

In the cell, Vikki tries to pick the lock. Eddie shows up and calls Billy, who says he'll have the money soon. Vikki speaks to Billy. Eddie tells him to get the money or that was their last conversation.

At the Club, Cane and Lily discuss Genevieve's departure. Jill appears. They embrace and then discuss Katherine's stubborn and Genevieve's disappearance. Neil arrives. Jill congratulates him regarding Jabot. They talk business. Neil says Jack hired him because he could run Jabot without him. Neil leaves. Jill calls Tucker to say she's figured out a way to convince Katherine to step down.

Victor joins Nikki in the Club dining room. Victor says he thinks something is going on with Billy. Nikki runs over to tell the banker she needs the money today. Victor notices Billy text Nikki to call him. He asks Nikki about it. Nikki tells him everything. Victor says he'll handle this. Nikki leaves. Victor calls someone to find Eddie.

Sarge checks on Jack in the hospital, but won't continue therapy with him. Jack pressures him until he agrees to stick around. Later, Jack is dressing to leave when John appears. He complains that family should be more important than business. Jack shrugs that he's closer to Phyllis now. John says he's kidding himself. Jack downs some pills. John urges Jack not to rush back to work. Jack has no time for advice.

Avery sees Nick at Crimson Lights and tells him Phyllis told her about the meeting and seems anxious. Nick says they need to move on. Avery says she's available if he needs to decompress afterward.

Nikki goes to Billy's house and tells him she doesn't have the money yet and that she told Victor. Billy groans, "He's going to get my wife killed!"

Phyllis and Nick enter the meeting room. Their lawyers appear. Phyllis asks to amend the agreement Through tears, she says she wants the teddy bear and mobile Nick gave her. Nick agrees. They discuss custody. Phyllis is concerned that Summer will choose not to spend time with her. Nick says that's not his problem.

Ronan is knocks at the penthouse door with flowers. He leaves them with a notecard and Summer comes along and finds them. She stuffs them in the trash. When Phyllis gets home, Summer asks how it went, and then why she did it. Phyllis says she didn't want to go to prison and miss out on Summer's life events, and then Ronan offered to help out. Summer asks why she slept with him. Phyllis says she needed to know someone cared. Summer says, "You're still seeing him." Summer storms out after Phyllis asks where she got that idea.

Phyllis sees Ronan at Crimson Lights and asks if he's seen Summer - they argued. He asks if she got the flowers he put outside her door. She says he didn't need to do that. He apologizes for how he acted and then introduces her to Jamie. Summer spots them and leaves.

Neil sees Leslie at the Club and asks her to come and work at Jabot. She agrees to hear him out over dinner next week. Billy enters and spots Victor. They discuss Eddie G. Billy says they have to follow his rules. Victor says it's no longer his concern - his marriage is over. Billy insists he's the best bet to get Victoria back safe. Victor says they'll see.

Back at the tackhouse, Summer gets online and insults Jamie using her alter-ego. Nick comes in and Summer takes off. Nick calls Avery and asks her to dinner.

Still at Crimson Lights, Jamie gets 'Britni's' insulting email. Ronan reads it and says it's garbage. Jamie takes off. Ronan tells Phyllis what's happening and that he thinks Summer's involved.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis says to Nick, "What if Summer's lashing out?" Nick says he'll need a little more than her new boyfriend's gut feeling.

Lauren and Michael tell Fen they want to know what's going on between him and Summer.

Adam tells Noah, "I am the only one who stepped up to help your mother when she needed it."

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