You Make My Brain Mushy.

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Phyllis' date with Ronan is a bust, Sharon visits Noah, and Avery declares her intentions.

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Adam sets a romantic scene at home. Chelsea asks if it's Sharon's birthday. Adam says it's an apology for keeping the secret. "I love you, Mrs. Newman." They sip champagne and then head upstairs and make love. Adam goes downstairs after and reads about Gloworm burning down. He leaves.

In the cottage, Sharon looks at photos of Noah and Faith and writes to them about the hole in her soul and how she's trying to get back to them. She says their dad is a good man. After balling up numerous letters, Sharon heads outside.

Ronan tells Phyllis at a restaurant that she looks gorgeous. She returns the sentiment and quips that it makes the first date less awkward when you've seen each other naked. They look at menus and he isn't pleased when she says what she wants is to put this day out of its misery. They agree the date feels weird. Phyllis says maybe they suck at normal. He suggests pizza, beer, and sex. She can't do it.

At Phyllis' door, she tells Ronan they should cut their losses and thanks him.

At Avery's place, she stops kissing Nick and says they agreed to take things slow. "What's going on?" She puts a chair between them, saying he makes her brain mushy, and asks again. He says he can't stop thinking about her and lists the things he likes about her. Avery says this is a big thing. Nick agrees, this time would be real. She decides to make soup - cooking helps her think. They discuss how she learned to cook and she teases Nick about his skills. They end up talking about their respective sisters before she feeds him soup. He leaves after eating, but returns to tell her he had an amazing time. Phyllis appears and calls Avery a liar. She starts ranting. Avery says she doesn't want him because he's Phyllis', she wants him because of who he is. Phyllis says he came back to her before, and will come back to her again.

Sharon looks in at Noah in the tackhouse. He opens the door. "Mom." She says she shouldn't be there but she missed him. He keeps asking where she's been. She tells him she's not really back yet - she's been sick and has done things she can't take back. Sharon rambles about Victor. Noah asks if she burned down his house. Sharon says it's about what she did to Newman and the stock. She tells Noah that Adam has kept her safe - she owes him her life. Nick's car pulls up outside and Sharon panics. She tells Noah she's getting professional help and doesn't want to have to leave again - Noah must not tell Nick she was there. Nick comes in and Noah asks him about Avery and his break-up with Phyllis. Noah then opens up about his girlfriend, Adrianna, who cheated on him.

Adam meets his hired man at Jimmy's and says he told him to play firebug not burn down Gloworm. The guy tells him that's funny and goes. Ronan asks Adam what he's into this time. Adam says it was a high-stakes poker game. Ronan wants in. Adam tells him he's too good and leaves.

Phyllis is on her sofa when Ronan comes to the penthouse drunk and carrying pizza and beer. He wants a do-over. Phyllis tries to beg off. He tells her she's her own worst enemy. Phyllis hollers that they just had sex and says he's also his own worst enemy with his family. Ronan protests that he's trying to open up - he wants to know her and what makes her happy. She doesn't know and mentions her divorce hearing tomorrow. He says it's always about Nick. She throws him out and calls Nick. She asks him to postpone the meeting with the divorce lawyers, but he won't.

Chelsea goes to the cottage looking for Adam and reads Sharon's discarded letters. Sharon appears and tells her she has no right - they're her personal feelings and she's lonely. Chelsea understands. They talk about Chelsea losing the baby and Sharon's kids.

Chelsea returns to the house and sees the news about Gloworm as Adam comes in. Adam assures her that Jeff and everyone is fine. Chelsea says someone made it look like it's the same person who burned down the ranch. Adam says it's probably a copycat, but it covers for Sharon.

Avery shows up at the tackhouse and tells Nick she's not afraid and it's worth the risk to her - she wants him. She kisses him and runs out.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis asks Avery to come to her divorce meeting as moral support for her.

Victor sees that Billy has a gun and asks what the hell is going on.

Victoria bangs on the cell door. "Let me out!"

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