Scar Tissue.

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Jill confronts Katherine, Victor vows to end Billy's marriage, and Phyllis sees Avery kissing Nick.

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Summer approaches Avery at Crimson Lights and asks her what's going on between her and Nick. Avery stammers and knocks things over, and says they had dinner - not a date. Summer's disappointed. Avery asks about suing for emancipation. Summer says she won't pursue that and they share a laugh. Phyllis enters. Avery prompts Summer to tell her she's not suing for emancipation. Once alone, Phyllis asks Avery what she's doing, and accuses her of trying to take her place and live her life. Avery says she was just trying to help. Phyllis apologizes and says she hasn't been sleeping. They bicker again after Jack's name comes up. Avery says it's not the morning to converse and leaves.

At home, Billy leaves Vikki a message to check in. Victor arrives asking for her. Billy snaps that she's still in Miami. When Victor learns that Victoria went on a wild goose chase, he accuses Billy of never planning to help her in the first place. He can't imagine how Billy ever got Vikki's attention. Billy complains about Victor and Jack testing them all. Victor brings up L.A. Billy says the blackmail thing blew up in his face before. Victor vows to tell Victoria what an ass he is when she returns, and they'll be over. Billy leaves Vikki another message and stares at the sinister text from Eddie G.

On the coffee house patio, Jill tells Tucker she'll figure out she thinks he's up to something, but she agrees it's ridiculous for Katherine to be going back to work at this stage in her life - she'll have another stroke. They talk about how 'scar tissue' gets in their way when trying to reach Katherine.

At the Club, Nikki tells Ronan they are concerned about the arson case - they found Sharon's bracelet in the room where the fire was started. Nikki wants her found. Nearby, Katherine tells Esther she was gone shopping in Chicago, but Esther then overhears her on the phone with Mitchell discussing the papers he gave her to sign to return as CEO. Esther confronts her. Katherine tells her to zip it.

Nick and Noah discuss the arson investigation at the tackhouse. Nick downplays the idea that Sharon may have been involved. Victor comes in and tells Nick he can't reach Victoria and she went on a wild goose chase. They debate about Billy and wind up talking about Nick not fighting for the company. Victor sneers that Nick got his $5 million and now doesn't care. Nick says he's dismissed anything he ever accomplished. Victor scoffs that he's afraid he's not up to saving Newman - he's a coward! Nick tells Victor he needs to be present in his kids' lives right now - they're his legacy. Noah returns from a run and Nick tells Victor they're done. Victor agrees. Ronan stops in looking for Sharon. Nick and Noah stonewall him.

Jill visits Billy at home. Jill wants him to offer an opinion on Katherine. He says her trying to stop Katherine might have disastrous consequences, and suggests she act as 'right hand' so she's not overwhelmed. Jill is still worried about Katherine's health. Billy accuses her of wanting the CEO spot for herself. Jill says that's beside the point. Billy heads upstairs to get Johnny and Jill notices another sinister text that comes in from Eddie G. She asks what's going on. He says it's a guy to whom he owes a substantial gambling debt, and he just got out of jail. Jill asks if Victoria knows. Billy says no and orders Jill to keep quiet.

Victor arrives at Newman and grills Phyllis about Jack's absence.

Jill joins Katherine at the Club. Kay jokes that Phillip must have thrown her out and accuses her of colluding with Tucker. Jill admits he asked her to speak to her, and begins talking about the risks of her returning to Chancellor. Katherine tries to dismiss her. Jill hisses that she's there to try and save her damn life. "You stubborn fool!" Katherine notes her glowing terms of endearment. Jill says wants her around driving her crazy for years and years. Later, Tucker tells Jill they can still steer Katherine away from the iceberg if they put their heads together.

Nick finds Avery working out at the Athletic Club. She vents about Phyllis. Nick places a hand on Avery's shoulder. They start making out as Phyllis appears.

Ronan finds Victor and Nikki at Crimson Lights and tells them there was another fire with the same M.O. - they have a firebug on their hands.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Michael tells Kevin he's glad he called. Kevin blurts, "I need your help, Mikey."

Phyllis asks Jack if he can move his legs.

Chelsea tells Sharon, "Don't even think of sinking your fangs back into my husband."

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