Look Who's Back.

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Jill returns, Billy and Jack argue, and Sharon is discovered.

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Chelsea and Chloe enter the cottage. Chelsea recalls that everything was covered in sheets before - it feels like someone has been there. Sharon slips out. They find a lipgloss. Chelsea wonders what Adam knows about the 'squatter'.

At the Abbott house, Jack confronts Billy about lying - he sent Victoria to Miami and betrayed him. Billy realizes Jack set him up. Jack confirms he fed him false information to test him. They bicker. Jack is incensed to learn that Victor knew Billy was spying. He fires Billy. Billy hollers that he never wanted to be part of his stupid war. Billy hopes Vikki gets Newman back. "It might be the only thing that saves you from you."

At Crimson Lights, Michael wishes to Lauren that Paul's case could be dismissed like Phyllis'. Heather appears and requests a leave of absence to go with Christine and clear her dad. She says she'll understand if Michael fires her. Michael admits to Lauren he understands Heather's position.

Christine tells Paul at the Club that she believes the video of Ricky murdering Rachel exists and she'll find it. Heather arrives and tells Paul and Christine that she's going with her. Michael and Lauren arrive and endorse the plan - Heather's job will be waiting. Nearby, Genevieve asks Tucker to help her find Colin. Ronan appears. Gen tells Ronan to find Colin and he'll find the answers to his case. He says there was a body found. Gen insists she's being framed. Ronan warns her not to leave the Club. Gen reconvenes with Tucker who says he can't afford to rumble with the law right now - or her psycho ex. Gen pleads. He refuses, but returns later with a big wad of cash and tells her to go and not look back. They share a heartfelt goodbye. In the dining room, Paul admits to Lauren that he's falling for Chris again.

Adam takes the CEO seat at Newman. Phyllis enters and mocks him. They trade barbs before Adam suggests they make peace. Jack appears. He says Billy is no longer part of the company and Adam will act as CEO during his absence. Phyllis gasps. Adam says the company's in good hands. Adam steps out to take a call and Jack explains his decision to Phyllis. Outside the door, Adam asks Sharon why she's calling from the main house. She says Chelsea's in the cottage. Adam rejoins Phyllis and Jack, who warns them not to tell anyone about his surgery. Phyllis says she'll be at the hospital later. Adam asks Phyllis what it would take to convince her he wants what's best for Newman. She blurts, "Quit!"

Phyllis spots Billy, who's just called Vikki and left a message filling her in about Jack, in Crimson Lights and asks what he did to get fired. He says he betrayed his brother. She pleads with him, "I cannot work with Adam." Billy is stunned to hear that Jack's having surgery.

Adam arrives at home. He asks Chloe if they found anyone to buy him out yet. She responds sarcastically and leaves. Adam tells Chelsea he's acting CEO. Peeved, she asks who the woman is using their cottage. Adam sighs that he can't tell her. Chelsea storms out saying she'll find out for herself.

Jack isn't happy to see Billy enter his hospital room. Billy complains about Jack keeping his surgery from the family. Jack angrily tells him to leave. Billy apologizes again and tries to stay, but Jack orders him out. Phyllis arrives and Billy asks her to be there for Jack. Phyllis goes in and reassures Jack. Billy calls Vikki to say Jack's having surgery and he hopes she's coming home.

In the Club, Ronan grills Tucker on Genevieve's whereabouts. Tucker plays dumb. The door revolves and Jill appears. Tucker grins. "Look who's back."

As Victoria leaves her hotel room, someone clamps a gloved hand over her mouth.

Sharon is pacing in the cottage. Chelsea enters. They stare at each other.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea tells Adam his sweet little mistress was trying to defend his honor - too bad he doesn't have any.

Nick tells Avery he didn't mean to pry. She says she wants him to pry.

Victoria yanks on the door in a dark concrete room.

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