Out Of Business.

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Genevieve gets a shock, Billy gets a threat, and Jack falls on his face.

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In the cottage, Sharon pulls herself off of Adam and complains about her brain. She doesn't know where that came from. She thinks hugging a married man is wrong. He suggests she get professional help. Sharon covers her ears and howls. She thinks she can work through this nightmare alone and reminds him he should be with his wife. "This is really inappropriate," she complains. He insists he wants nothing from her. When he challenges her to go, she walks out. When he later goes outside, he finds her cowering on the porch. He claims it's his fault she's a screw-job. Adam brings her inside and takes responsibility for the awful things he did. He repeats that he only wants to help her. When he leaves her alone, she starts moving the furniture around the room.

At home, Chelsea lights candles and sighs as she waits for Adam. Eventually, he comes home and lies about where he was. They make out.

Cane brushes off his mom at Crimson Lights. Tucker asks Gen how much more rejection she can take. He drifts off. Some woman calls her and asks if her offer of cash for information is still on. Gen says 'yes' and rushes off.

Gen goes to the club to see the woman. She finds her room has been trashed and there's blood on the floor. She gasps and runs.

Gen bursts into her son's office and tells him what just happened. He orders her to go to the cops.

Gen, Cane and Ronan go to the room at the club. The cop looks around and finds Gen's hankie in the blood. She doesn't know how that got there.

At home, Billy and Vikki chat about strategy. She appreciates all of his help. He warns her that Jack is paranoid. "I'm going to resign from Newman," he declares. She rants. He doesn't want to rat on his brother.

In the ruins, Victor tells his son that he will rebuild the ranch house. He criticizes Nick for refusing to fight for the company. He expected more. Nick thinks the company just ruins their lives. Victor reminds him that he built it from nothing and all for his family. But without the company, they have nothing to discuss.

At the club, Katherine compliments Nikki on her bling. Niki talks about how different this reunion has been. It seems like Victor is making smart choices for once. Katherine warns her that it's hard for a man to reinvent himself. Nikki admits that she hopes the kids won't reclaim the company. It's time to let it go and do something new. Katherine gets up to leave as Victor arrives. She passes her congrats to him and they chat about business until she goes. The mustache tells Nikki that he's started work on the ranch. She advises him not to push to hard. As he makes lewd suggestions, Victoria arrives. She informs them that Billy's having second thoughts. "He's an Abbot. He ain't a Newman," Victor grunts. After he goes, Nick arrives. Vicki wonders why he's turning his back on the family. He explains that business is business and family is a holiday. Vicki leaves in a huff. Nick tells his mom he's doing the right thing. Across the room, Tucker corners his mom and warns her that running Chancellor again could kill her. She orders him to stop meddling and declares that they are 'out of business' together. After she storms off, he calls and asks someone to get back to town.

Jack and Phyllis are at the office. He's impressing her with his optimism and hands her a contract. He spasms. She needs an explanation. He says it's nothing. Phyllis wonders if they can work together successfully for once. She needs the job to save her. Jack promises she won't regret it. He's sure they can challenge each other to be good. She signs the contract. Later, he calls Miami and warns them that Victoria is coming. He has another spasm. Phyllis catches him gasping. He collapses on his face.

Victor shows up on Billy's doorstep. "Oh joy," Billy groans. Victor orders him to obey his wife or he'll rat him out. Vicki walks in on them. Her daddy leaves. Billy tells his wife that she is all that matters. She guesses her dad must have threatened him. Victoria says she's going to Florida to sort things out with Baker-Ryberg immediately. He kisses her goodbye and fondles her scarf.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tuesday on The Young and the Restless:

"Thank God you're here. You've got to help me," Gen begs her son.

"I hate it here. I hate everything," Sharon tells Adam.

"I got some news of my own... I'm leaving Genoa City," Harmony tells Neil.

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