Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Avery fantasizes about Nick, Phyllis argues with Christine, and Sharon sees the ranch.

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Adam calls Sharon from his house, but she doesn't pick up. He leaves a message that he'll be there soon. Chelsea asks, "Who was that?" Adam tells her he left a message for Jack. She tells him she's been hearing a baby crying in her sleep. He hugs her. They agree to meet at the Club for lunch. Adam leaves. Later, Jeffrey and Anita show up with a ton of gifts. Chelsea tells them she miscarried. Jeff says he's so sorry. Anita asks about Adam. Chelsea says he's keeping busy and snaps that he won't leave her because she lost the baby. Jeff goes. Anita wonders where Adam is - what could be more important than taking care of Chelsea?

Nick returns to Avery's house and reports that he told his father he won't be a part of fighting to get the company back - it felt good, but is worried he's letting his family down. Avery reassures him that he's doing this for his kids and it's the right thing. Avery asks what they're doing. Nick says she's a friend and confidante. They discuss being more and agree to take it slow. He goes. Later, Avery fantasizes that Nick returns and they kiss passionately and rip their clothes off. She snaps out of it and leaves, but forgets something. Back inside, she imagines doing it with Nick on the floor. She then daydreams that he's shirtless in the kitchen and that Phyllis catches them making out.

At Crimson Lights, Paul discusses Eden's dream with Christine and Heather. Phyllis appears and confronts Chris about suing her. She rips up the lawsuit papers. They start bickering . Phyllis tells Christine she wants her life because she's got nothing. Things get heated when Phyllis' family is brought up and Paul has to jump in between them. Phyllis tells Christine the case won't make it to court. Christine asks why - is she going to run her over again? Paul gets Phyllis to leave. Heather and Paul talk to Christine about not letting Phyllis push her buttons. Paul tells Christine she's too focused on Phyllis to help him with his case. She says she can do both. Paul reminds her she can't support her in the lawsuit - he thinks she's lost perspective.

Nick arrives at the Club. Noah is bartending. He notes that Nick's in a better mood. Noah talks about Newman. Nick says he told Victor he's not getting involved. Noah notes that three generations of Newman men are breaking with their past at the same time. Phyllis appears and tells Nick that Christine's suing her. She asks is he's trying to punish her by doing this thing with her sister - that means he still cares. Nick says they can't get past it this time.

Adam enters Sharon's place but she's not there. He calls, but her phone's on the sofa.

Sharon looks at the ruins of the ranch and holds her head. Adam finds her there. She tells him she remembers him being at her house, and that she had too much to drink last night. He agrees, and pulls her out of there. They return to her house. She asks if the fire was an accident. He says no, and then tells her she's going to need an alibi. Someone knocks. They stay quiet and he goes away. Sharon panics that everyone will think she lit the fire. Adam tells her not to go out, or answer the phone or door. She asks why he's helping her. Adam says she has no one else. She hugs him before he leaves. Later, Noah knocks.

Adam returns home, where Jeff and Anita tell him how sorry they are. Chelsea tells them she and Adam are going to lunch. He says he can't make it. Jeff and Anita offer to take her and Adam can catch up. They leave. Adam grabs a key and opens a small cottage on his property.

Nick gets to the tackhouse and looks at the separation agreement.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki tells Victoria, "You're asking your husband to betray his brother." Vikki says Billy knows how important this is to her.

Eden tells Paul, Christine, and Heather that she's remembering more about the night that Ricky died.

Adam returns to Sharon's house. Noah asks what he's doing there.

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