Proceeding As Planned.

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Genevieve confronts the mystery woman, Sharon unravels at the ranch, and John visits Jack.

Proceeding As Planned. image

Nikki enters Victor's office and finds him unconscious. She tries to revive him.

Vikki tells Billy, at home, that she dozed off due to the stress surrounding Newman. Billy embraces her. When he ignores a call from Jack, she suggests again that he take his job offer - Newman is Johnny's future.

At the Club, Lily urges Cane discuss his hope that Jack will promote him. Genevieve appears, insisting she didn't hire the mystery woman. Lily gets the woman, who greets Gen with familiarity. Gen's says she's never seen her before. The woman insists Gen hired her and spouts off things that only Genevieve, Cane, or Samantha would know. The woman orders a drink while Gen pleads with Lily and Cane to believe her. They go. Gen confronts the woman, who taunts her, saying maybe she blocked out the fact that she hired her. Gen leaves angrily. The woman calls someone to say everything is proceeding as planned.

Sharon drinks at home. She flashes to her conflicts with the Newmans over the years, and to Noah saying he's ashamed. Unsteady on her feet, Sharon heads out.

At Crimson Lights, Abby rants to Nick that Jack has gone too far. Nick says there's more to life than Newman Enterprises. He gets a call from Nikki.


At the hospital, Nick tells Victoria, Nikki, and Abby that Adam get near Victor after what he pulled with Jack. The doctor says Victor collapsed due to a double-concussion and must rest. Nikki sees the kids off, telling Nick that Jack is the reason Victor's in the hospital. Nikki goes to tell Victor to open his eyes. "Come back to us." She paces the room and finally dozes off. He awakens and says her name. She goes to get the doctor and Katherine arrives. They talk about how lucky they are. Kay visits with Victor and warns him about fighting Jack. Victor says she would do it. She urges him to be thankful for what he has and not risk if for what he doesn't have. Nikki enters and Kay goes.

Sharon lets herself into the ranch and hollers that the current Mrs. Newman is there. She hears the voices of Victor, Nick, and Noah taunting her. She cries. "Leave me alone!"

At home, Adam tells Chelsea that Victor was rushed to the hospital, but he doesn't see a point in going over there - no one has even bothered to call him. Chelsea muses about it being connected to Jack's move. Adam hopes not. His phone rings - it's Sharon. He tells Chelsea it's Kevin and answers. Sharon doesn't say anything.

Sharon hangs up from Adam and thinks she sees Nick in the ranch living room. Later, Adam calls back. Sharon is drinking on the stairs and asks him to help her. She tells him she's at Victor's. After, she hears the Newmans' voices calling her a loser and ransacks the room.

Adam tells Chelsea, at home, that he has to go meet Kevin and takes off to the ranch.

Vikki goes home and talks to Billy about her father and the company. He says she's grieving Newman. They embrace. Billy tells her he'll take the job and spy on Jack.


At home, Jack has left Billy a message to join him at Abbott Enterprises when John appears. Jack says he must be proud that they finally bested the Newmans. John is ashamed of him - being number one doesn't matter when you've given up all your principles to get there. They bicker. John says Jack hasn't done this to benefit his family, it's about him versus Victor - the only one who benefits is Jack! John asks about Abby, Nick, and Victoria. Jack says he can't worry about them right now. John scoffs when Jack complains about him not being supportive. Nick comes to the door and tells Jack that he put Victor in the hospital. Jack chuckles that he just attended Victor's funeral. Nick raises his fist. He tells Jack he hates what is happening to him. Nick suggests he turn this around so he can live with himself - he's lost his soul. Nick leaves. John tells Jack he was right. Billy arrives and says Newman is Johnny's legacy - he'll accept his offer.

In the hospital, Victor tells Nikki, Nick, Abby, and Vikki he's alright - this was just a setback. He tells them it gave him clarity - he's made up his mind about something that will affect all of them.


At the ranch, Sharon douses the drapes in alcohol and sets fire to them.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Vikki tells Nick, Nikki, and Abby she'll talk it over with Billy. Nick says he's now the family's enemy.

Phyllis tells Avery her new plan to get back in Summer's good graces involves winning Nick back.

Adam arrives at the ranch to find it in flames. He calls out for Sharon who is in the living room.

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- Candace Young

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