Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Summer and Fen disappear, Heather warns Daniel, and Adam makes his decision.

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At Phyllis' penthouse, she and Ronan discuss Summer. Phyllis knows how Summer feels to catch her parent lying - she despised her father. Ronan says it's different - Phyllis would never push Summer away.

Victor visits the tackhouse to discuss Summer with Nick. Nick is letting her sleep in. Victor and Nick then discuss Adam. Avery arrives. Victor leaves. Avery tells Nick he caught her off guard with the kiss and it has to be the last time - she can't hurt Phyllis. Nick asks Avery to talk to Summer, but realizes Summer's gone. He calls Phyllis and tells her Avery may be able to get her trial postponed.

At home, Adam tells Chelsea there's only one choice he can really make regarding Newman. Chelsea tells him to call Victor. Later, Victor arrives and asks what his decision is. Adam says he can't turn over his Newman shares. Victor admits he's surprised. Adam doesn't want them owing each other anything, and wonders how Victor thought he would agree. Victor says this could cost him his company. After, Adam tells Chelsea that Victor took the news how he expected. They decide to leave for their babymoon today.

Danny and Christine sit with Nina and Paul at Gloworm. Nina can't wait for Phyllis to get what she has coming and loves that Heather's prosecuting. When Chris and Paul are alone, they relish the idea of hearing Phyllis pronounced guilty.

Kevin tells Chloe, at Crimson Lights, that there is nothing she can say to make him feel better about giving up Phyllis and Ronan. Chloe says she feels for Phyllis too, but reminds him about the hit-and-run.


In the courtroom, Michael agonizes to Lauren about how he'll ruin the lives of so many friends in the courtroom today. He wonders if he's a hypocrite. Lauren says there is nothing more he could have done for Phyllis, and Ronan put him in a terrible position. She also thinks Kevin used their relationship to try and get away with lies. Lauren gets a call about Summer missing and Michael tries to reach Fen. He calls Kevin and Chloe, who say they haven't seen them.

At Heather's place, she tells Daniel she's about to spend the day trying to put his mother in jail - she wonders how he'll feel about her if she succeeds. He admits he's hoping she'll flame out in court. Heather doesn't think he grasps how ugly it will get. Daniel says he won't blame her. Daniel gets a call about Summer and tells Heather the trial may be postponed and he has to go.

Avery and Nick arrive at Phyllis' penthouse and tell her and Ronan that Leslie is meeting with the judge. Ronan and Nick leave to search. Avery and Phyllis learn the judge won't delay the trial. Phyllis says she can't go. Avery says she's going if she has to drag her.

Everyone gathers at Crimson Lights to coordinate the search. Michael and Nick wonder if the kids left town. Michael says Ronan's FBI connections will help. Later, Victor arrives and offers his resources to Ronan and reminds him this happened because of his relationship with Phyllis. Nick tells Lauren that he argued with Summer last night.


Fen and Summer wake up in a boarded up skating arena. He asks if she's ready to go home. She says she doesn't have a home anymore. Fen wants to call Nick, which upsets Summer. He offers for her to stay with him. They kiss. Fen says he's still calling Nick. She throws his phone and takes off.

Daniel arrives at the penthouse and learns the trial is going ahead. Daniel tells Phyllis that Nick sent him to check on her. They leave for court.


Christine, Danny, Paul, and Nina greet Heather in the courtroom. Heather says the trial was nearly delayed. Daniel enters with Phyllis and Avery and says Summer and Fen are missing. Chris tells Phyllis she hopes Summer calls. Heather and Nina sympathize. Danny expresses his concern to Phyllis. Daniel tells him he probably shouldn't be there. Danny goes. Nina leaves with him. Michael arrives and the trial begins with Heather and Leslie's opening statements. Michael calls Kevin to the stand. Phyllis whispers, "Oh my God."

Fen arrives at Crimson Lights and hugs Lauren. He tells Nick that Summer took off. Nick asks if she'd been drinking. Fen says no.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick tells Adam it's a Newman family problem. Adam says, "Don't talk to me about family."

Jack tells Billy he's about to make a move on Newman Enterprises and when he succeeds he's going to need his help.

Michael asks Kevin, "The last time you saw Tim Reid was he alive?"

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