Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Summer's arrested, Victor visits Adam, and Kevin spills to Michael.

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In his office, Michael tells Kevin to start talkin'. Kevin says whatever information he thinks he has, it's bogus. Michael says it's from Chloe. Michael warns Kevin he might end up prosecuting him and asks him to tell all - now. Kevin tells him to go to hell. Michael warns the truth is going to come out. Kevin says he went to talk to Phyllis about the website and there was a dead guy on the floor. Michael gets it all down and asks why Kevin went to this trouble for Phyllis. Kevin wonders if Michael's been D.A. so long he's forgotten she's his best friend - he did what he thought was right. Michael says it's best the truth came out. Kevin shouts that he put him in a small space until he did what he wanted - he's just like Tom!

Gloria raves to Chloe about Vegas in Gloworm, but Chloe's distracted. She tells Glo she sold Kevin out to Michael. Nearby, Jeffrey calls Chelsea and asks for a visit with her and his little grandmunchkin-to-be. He asks her to come by.


At home, Chelsea tells Jeff she'll call him back and hangs up. Adam suggests she hang out with him and see what it's like. The doorbell rings - it's Victor. Adam invites him in. Chelsea goes. Victor says he's sorry he missed Adam at the ranch and mentions the company's in shambles. Victor tells Adam the situation with the shares and asks him to vote in a block with him, Nick, and Victoria. Adam muses that he's the proverbial lynchpin. He points out that Victor never bothers with him until he needs something. Victor reminds him about the things he's done. Adam says he's invisible to him, and asks if he knows his wife is pregnant. Victor says they're both to blame for the damage done to their relationship, but he's still his son. "There's a part of me that loves you."

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis tells Nick she tried to reach out to Summer but she's not ready to talk. Nick gets a call and tells Phyllis that Summer was just arrested.

Still at Gloworm, Gloria tells Chloe she hopes Michael isn't too hard on Kevin - he has a knack for getting people to say things. Chelsea arrives. Gloria asks if she's taking her up on the baby shower. Jeff appears and offers a mimosa. Chelsea reminds him she's pregnant. Glo leaves them. Jeff tells Chelsea he missed her, and sits down to regal her with tales about Vegas. He gives her money to get something nice for the baby from him. Chelsea thanks him. Gloria joins Chloe, who's worrying that Kevin will be angry with her.

Chelsea arrives home as Victor tells Adam to think about voting with them. He congratulates Chelsea on her pregnancy and leaves. Adam tells Chelsea that Victor needs something from him. Chelsea tells Adam she met Jeff and it was surprisingly okay. Adam says Victor seemed pleased about the baby. They discuss having high-maintenance fathers. Adam worries about making a decision about the company, and they talk about whether to let their child know their fathers.


At the station, Ronan tells Phyllis and Nick that Summer took a baseball bat to his car. Nick says Summer will pay for the repairs. Summer says she's not sorry. Nick tells Summer to be quiet and warns Ronan not to press charges against her. Ronan says he won't, but he should take Summer's violent act seriously. Nick says they did this to his daughter and he'll have to deal with it. He tells Ronan to stay away from Summer, but Phyllis is all his. After, Phyllis and Ronan discuss it. He thinks she should try to work things out with Summer. He's hugging her when Victor appears asking about Summer. Ronan leaves them alone. Victor tells Phyllis he doesn't blame her - he doesn't know a single family that doesn't have problems. He tells her she'll get a second chance, like he has. He wishes her luck. They hug. Ronan returns to find her crying.

Kevin returns to Gloworm. Gloria greets him and then she and Jeff leave him with Chloe. Kevin tells Chloe she betrayed him - how can he trust her again? Meanwhile, Jeff tells Glo that Chelsea's warming up to him.


At the tackhouse, Summer tells Nick he should be giving her a high-five. Nick says she needs to talk to someone about her rage. They argue over whether she should see a shrink. Nick asks if she wants to end up like Phyllis, who also thinks there are no consequences for her behavior. Summer calls Fen to plan sneaking out after Nick falls asleep.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick and Avery agree they should talk about the kiss.

Heather tells Daniel she's about to spend her day trying to put his mom behind bars - he can't possibly be okay with that.

Michael asks Lauren in the courtroom, "How many lives am I going to ruin in this courtroom today?"

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