Did You Do This To Me?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Sharon gives the SEC what they need, Michael grills Chloe, and Nick confronts Phyllis.

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Avery finds Michael 'hiding' at Jimmy's. He explains he has to grill Kevin and would rather not. Avery's scared for Phyllis. They talk about how Phyllis is when backed into a corner.

Summer rushes into Crimson Lights in tears and tells Nick what she saw Phyllis and Ronan doing. He hugs her. She tells him if Phyllis claimed the affair was a cover, she lied. The affair is real. Nick leaves. Fen arrives and she fills him in.

At the penthouse, Phyllis and Ronan are having sex. She tells him afterward that he needs to go, but gives him the okay to shower first. Nick shows up shouting. He tells her not to deny her affair - Summer saw them! Ronan appears and they both ask him to go. Nick tells Phyllis that Summer came to make things right and now wants nothing to do with her. He asks if she had sex with Ronan - yes or no. Phyllis admits it, and then hollers at Nick that he left her and Ronan was there for her. Nick yells that she expects loyalty from everyone else and nothing from herself. "You broke up our family not anyone else!" She cries as he goes.

Nikki finds Victor barking orders into the phone at Newman. He tells her his company is slipping out of his hands. Victor learns that Jack Abbott has 5% of Newman. He's concerned about how Tucker McCall figures in.

Sofia and Tucker go over his share purchases in his office. She says someone wants to buy Newman stock badly. Tucker chuckles. "That would be Victor." He tells Sofia the SEC has nothing on him unless they find his shell corporations.

At the Club, Sharon tells the SEC agent all about Tucker's share purchases and shell corporations. She identifies the companies from a document and tells him to nail Tucker to the wall.


At Gloworm, Chloe finds Kevin on the computer trying to find a clue to Daisy's disappearance. Chloe reassures him. They discuss Phyllis' situation. Chloe hopes Michael leaves it alone - she's not up for dead body talk. Michael shows up and Kevin takes off to meet Adam. Michael asks Chloe why Kevin's dodging him and works on her to spill what she knows. She blurts that it wasn't a murder.

At home, Adam smiles at Chelsea cooing over baby clothes. Adam says they have a meeting with Kevin and then he'll take care of business with her. Gloria calls. She wants to throw Chelsea a baby shower. Adam and Chelsea discuss having them in their lives. Adam says he trusts her instincts. Kevin arrives, mentions Michael, and tells Chelsea she's better off with Jeffrey than his father. Later, Adam decides to take Chelsea on a honeymoon.

At the ranch, Nikki reassures Victor. Victor thanks her for being comforting and tells her he got an annulment.


Nikki meets Katherine at the Club and fills her in on Victor's worries about a hostile takeover. Kay feels Tucker wants everything Victor has because of her feelings for him. Tucker appears. Kay leaves and Nikki goes over to tell him he's a vulture. He calls her out on ditching Jack right after the wedding and tells her graphically what he thinks of Victor. She smacks him.

Sharon arrives at Newman because Victor summoned her. He tells her the annulment went through. She tells him she just ratted Tucker out to the SEC. Victor says Tucker offered him Beauty of Nature in exchange for her freedom and mocks her for turning on Tucker - the last friend she ever had. Later, Nikki arrives with the news that she slapped Tucker. Victor says Tucker will soon be arrested. They discuss Victor needing all board votes - including Adam's.

Kevin returns to Gloworm right after Chloe's told Michael that Kevin was an innocent bystander who showed up after Tim kicked it in Phyllis' apartment and helped her move the body. Michael tells Kevin to come with him. Ronan arrives for a drink and asks Chloe if she's told anyone he helped Kevin.

Phyllis finds Summer at Crimson Lights and asks her to come home and talk. Summer refuses, saying she and her dad don't need her. Phyllis tells her she loves her and wants to fix this. After, Summer tells Fen she wants to have fun.

Nick finds Avery at Jimmy's and kisses her.


Sharon arrives at Tucker's office apologizing as he's being arrested. He rages, "Did you do this to me?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jeffrey calls Chelsea to set up a visit with her and his little grand-munchkin to be.

Victor says to Adam, "We need you to join us." Adam replies, "So I'm the proverbial lynchpin, huh?"

Michael tells Kevin, "I want you to give me the rest of it, now." Kevin tells him to go to hell.

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- Candace Young

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