Thanks For Nothing.

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Tucker approaches Victor, Abby gives advice, and Christine pushes Michael to grill Kevin.

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In the penthouse, Phyllis tells Ronan the sex was a mistake. He thought it was amazing. She says it can't happen again. Phyllis takes a call from Leslie - her trial starts tomorrow. Phyllis worries. Ronan reassures her. He says Chris is the only eyewitness, and Phyllis can trust Kevin. Phyllis tells him Chloe also knows.

At the station, Christine appears with Tim Reid's file and calls Michael out on finding a connection between Phyllis and Reid's death - Kevin. She accuses him of not pursuing the case against Phyllis how he should. They bicker. Chris goes through the file and finds out Kevin got a parking ticket a few days after Tim died. The arresting officer tells them about the dumpster and the rug that Malloy told them not to worry about. Christine tells Michael they need the truth - from Kevin.

On the patio at the coffee house, Kevin tells Avery he plans to post a video on Daisy's Faceplace asking her to come home. Sharon appears and pleads with Avery to help her - her life is on the line. Kevin snarks that no one ever died of humiliation. Sharon snaps back. Kevin tapes his video appeal to Daisy, reminding her Lucy needs her mother. Inside, Sharon asks Avery to help her. Abby appears and tells Avery not to dare. Abby confronts Sharon about all of the things she did. Avery tells Sharon she can't help her. Later, Abby spots Summer. She realizes she has the 'sneaking out while grounded' look. Abby promises not to tell her parents. Summer complains about Phyllis trashing their family. Abby advises Summer to get her side of the story.

At Gloworm, Jack tells Genevieve it will be easier for him to get Beauty of Nature back after Tucker's in jail. Gen warns him not to underestimate McCall. Jack asks if she'll double-cross him. Gen insists she wants to help Jack. She takes a call from Tucker, who tells her if he goes down, she's going with him. Jack tells Gen she may get immunity if she testifies, but concedes she could go to jail. The SEC agents arrive. Gen goes with them.


Tucker visits Victor at Newman Enterprises. They spar about what Tucker did. Tucker reminds Victor he stole Jabot from him while he was in a coma, and then offers a proposition - he'll give him Beauty of Nature in exchange for Sharon's freedom. Victor says Sharon needs to pay for what she did to his family. Tucker says he used Sharon, and so did Victor. Victor reconsiders. He'll accept, but only if Sharon gives him an annulment and drops her ridiculous lawsuit. Tucker tells him to ask himself. Victor says Tucker should let her know - he won't be asking. Victor calls Avery to draw up documents regarding Sharon. He asks her to send Sharon over to see him.

Tucker finds Devon at the Club and tells him he's trying to change - he offered Beauty of Nature back to Victor. Devon says good people don't have to try. The SEC agents appear and question Tucker. He denies everything and says Genevieve is wasting their time - she's just a jealous ex.


Kevin arrives at the penthouse, where Ronan tells him they want to be sure that he and Chloe will keep quiet about Tim's death. Kevin's more worried about Daisy. Phyllis asks him again. Kevin says Michael hasn't brought it up in weeks and nothing connects him to Tim Reid. He leaves, and Ronan tells Phyllis everything will be fine. They start making out on the couch. Summer enters, unseen, and leaves again.

Devon meets Abby at Crimson Lights to vent about Tucker. Abby advises him not to worry about Tucker. She says she also gave Summer advice - she may be becoming a grown up. Abby gets on the phone and learns she got rich off the Newman stock she bought.

Sharon arrives at Newman and asks Victor if this is about her lawsuit. Victor says there isn't going to be a lawsuit. She complains about him using her. Victor says he should have known what she was capable of. He offers to drop the charges on the condition that he gets an annulment and she signs off on ever pursuing the abandonment issue. He pushes the papers over. Avery enters and Sharon signs. Avery takes the papers. Victor refuses to say anything else, so Sharon leaves. Victor opens his laptop and says, "What the hell?" He tells Avery that Sharon sold enough of his personal stock that if his enemies get together, they could take over his company.


Sharon enters the Club and tells Tucker to go to hell. She tells him she had to face Victor - thanks for nothing.

Genevieve reconnects with Jack at Gloworm and says she got immunity from the SEC. They talk, and realize they both bought Newman stock during Victor's 'vacation'.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Summer tells Nick that if Phyllis said it was a cover, she lied to him. "This affair is real."

Sharon tells the SEC agents that she's going to help them put away Tucker McCall.

Nikki stands behind Victor as he says, "My company is slipping out of my hands as we speak."

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- Candace Young

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