Loose Ends.

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Nikki stops Victor from proposing, Phyllis is faced with temptation, and Devon turns Tucker away.

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At the Club, Genevieve and Jack tell Tucker he has no options - he either sells BON back to Jack or deals with the SEC. Tucker says he'll decide when he's ready. Katherine, Devon, and Harmony enter. Tucker tells them if they're looking to lay into him, to take a number and line up. Tucker asks Devon not to cut him off, but Katherine can't believe he's asking for consideration. They bicker. Kay says she was proud of him and would have passed on her legacy, but it's all lost because of his careless disregard - he's out of the will and Devon gets it all. Tucker tells Devon he's glad for him. Devon says he'd rather have a father with integrity. Devon goes to sit with Kay and tells her he's uncomfortable with all of this - he feels like a chess piece again. Kay says she wanted Tucker to know what he did was unforgivable. Meanwhile, Harmony confronts Tucker about using Sharon - not cool. Harmony finds Devon and tells him not to let Katherine come between them - he should leave the door open. Tucker appears and apologizes, but Devon isn't ready to accept it - he may never be.

Victor kisses Nikki when she arrives at Newman. He has a candlelit dinner set up. He seems about to propose, but she stops him, saying she just needs a delay. They agree to meet in a few hours.


Phyllis tells Nick, at the penthouse, that she wants Summer to move back but she won't talk to her. Nick suggests giving her time, adding that even if she tells her the truth she'll still want distance from her. Nick leaves, saying he has to deal with Sharon being in jail and think of his kids. Later, Ronan arrives. Phyllis tells him he's complicated things - she won't invite him in at first, but relents. They talk and he takes her hand. Phyllis tells him the things she's worried he'll do to her, and he does them.

Michael visits Sharon's cell with Leslie to tell her she's made bail. Sharon shouts that she won't let Victor push her around. Avery arrives at the station and shows them all evidence that there was a pre-nup, and Sharon signed it. Leslie sighs that this proves Sharon was lying as Victor arrives. Michael offers to plead this out. He, Leslie, and Avery step away. Sharon tells Victor she will challenge the validity of the pre-nup. He says she still committed fraud and manipulated stock. He informs her he has filed an annulment. Nick arrives and tells Sharon he will make arrangements for her and Faith, but will avoid her as much as possible.


Nikki runs into Genevieve at the Club. Gen tells her she really regrets hurting her family. Nikki decides to forgive her. Nikki then joins Katherine and confides that Victor is planning to propose and she must speak to Jack. Nikki spots him and asks for a minute. She tells him that Victor is going to propose and she plans to accept. They talk about how Jack always knew she wasn't ready to walk away from Victor. Katherine spots Victor, and urges him to let them finish talking. He kisses her and goes. Jack tells Nikki her taking off made him determined to walk again. Later, Sharon arrives and spots Tucker. She tells him the pre-nup came back to bite her. He says he warned her not to burn it. After, Jack and Gen tell Tucker his time is up - they want an answer. Tucker tells Jack to call the SEC. Jack does it.

At Crimson Lights, Nick tells Avery she's a great lawyer. They're glad Victor's back to handle Sharon. Nick thanks her for making him laugh. Avery nixes the flirtation - Phyllis is her sister and needs him more than ever.

Nikki returns to Newman and tells Victor she's cut off the last loose end. She wonders where the candles and flowers went. Victor says he has loose ends to tie up too - but she has his heart. They kiss.

Nick arrives at the penthouse where Phyllis is inside making out with Ronan. He raises his hand to knock, but decides to leave.

At Gloworm, Michael offers Sharon a half million dollar fine and three years in prison. Sharon tells Leslie to get her out of this, pursue her lawsuit against Victor, and stop the annulment.


Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis tells Ronan her trial starts tomorrow.

Genevieve tells Jack not to underestimate Tucker. He asks if she plans to double cross him.

Tucker tells Victor he has something he wants - Beauty of Nature.

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