Not A Good Person.

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Tucker's family turns against him, Paul hopes for a miracle, and Harmony questions Sarge.

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Phyllis arrives at the tackhouse with a birthday gift for Faith. She and Nick discuss what she did to him. She still thinks they were better together than apart. Nick tells her love without trust isn't enough.

Danny shows up at Christine's suite. She laughs that she was just about to come to his.

Eden and Kyle jog into Crimson Lights' patio and kiss. Eden spots a news piece about Paul's case. Inside, Paul chats with Lauren and Michael about Daisy going missing - she was his only chance at an acquittal. Avery, Danny, and Christine join them. Michael excuses himself and the others discuss Paul's case. Avery says she needs to show that Ricky was a killer. Eden appears and offers to do the hypnosis again. The doctor arrives. He has a suggestion that might improve their chances.

Genevieve enters her suite and is outraged to find Tucker there. He reminds her he pays the bill and says she's moving out. She tells him she won in Vegas and invested it so he can get out now. She threatens to call security.

Sarge and Jack discuss his progress at the Abbott house. Jack offers to donate his hand-controlled car to Sarge's brother. Sarge sighs and admits that his brother died a few years back in a car accident. Jack says he's sorry.


Cane and Lily join Neil, Roxy, and Devon at the Club. Harmony and Katherine appear and sit down. Harmony and Devon are discussing Tucker when he walks in. Katherine snaps at Tucker, who tells her she's no better than him - she kept Devon from him for months. Devon asks to speak to Tucker alone and Cane leaves to meet Jack. He runs into Gen by the door, tells her she lied to him again and blows her off. Devon tells Tucker he's not a good person, and returns to the others. Katherine feels Tucker never forgave her - otherwise how could he hurt someone else like that? Devon looks at Neil - he's glad his father has integrity. Lily runs into Genevieve and denies her request to see the twins. Lily leaves, and Roxy tells Devon they have plans too. Katherine tells Devon he handled Tucker perfectly. Sarge enters and Harmony walks over. She asks how he knows she was in Pittsburgh. He says he saw her there at a party on Elm Street. She doesn't remember. He says he didn't think she would. Neil joins Harmony and they plan a basketball rematch.

Tucker tells Sofia, in his office, about Jack and Gen's threats. Sofia says there could be fines and prison time. Nick arrives and warns Tucker he'll pay if Sharon goes to prison and his kids suffer - as well as for what he put his family through. Nick tells him there are people involved in his games. Tucker quips, "You mean like Victor? Mister Ruthless?" Nick says no one messes with the Newmans, and leaves. Sofia tells Tucker he has to sell Beauty of Nature back to Jack - it's the only way to save himself.

At the Abbott house, Jack fills Cane in on his threats to Tucker. He says Genevieve is his proof.


Eden and her group from Crimson Lights arrive at the Club with the doctor. He wants to do the hypnosis at the scene of the crime. Michael leads Eden, Avery, and the doctor upstairs. Christine, Danny, Paul, and Lauren notice Phyllis arrive. Lauren pulls her away. Katherine spots Paul and wishes him well before joining Christine and Danny. She tells them they're the perfect couple. Nearby, Lauren tells Phyllis to keep her distance from Christine and Danny. Lauren rejoins Paul - he's hoping Eden's hypnosis yields a miracle.

Lily meets Cane at Jimmy's and tells him Devon put Tucker in his place. As they discuss bad parents, Genevieve enters. She claims to be there for a cheap burger. Cane says he knows she's trying to make up for what she did, but it doesn't excuse it. They leave.

In Ricky's old suite, Michael and Avery watch the doctor hypnotize Eden. She describes how she sneaked up to his room and got the maid to let her in. She talks about finding Daisy's cellphone and wallet and then becomes agitated. She says she texted Kevin and tried to leave but Ricky caught her.

Devon and Roxy are in bed at his place. He tells her these are his kinds of plans.


In his room, Sarge opens a box and pulls out a letter signed, "I'm so sorry, Yolanda."

Kyle arrives at Jack's house and tells him he's worried about Eden. Jack reassures him. Kyle says he's going to stay living there. Jack's pleased.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis says to Daniel, "You were seeing Heather. You said you wouldn't and you were."

Under hypnosis, Eden says Ricky's being really nice.

Avery joins Paul in the street and asks, "Where is it?" Paul points to a sewer and says, "It's under there. I saw the reflection."

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