And So It Begins.

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Sharon's arrested, Genevieve puts Tucker on notice, and Ronan kisses Phyllis.

And So It Begins. image

In his apartment, Daniel takes a call from Phyllis who fills him in on a woman claiming to be Sheila taking Daisy out of Fairview. Heather comes in so he hangs up. Heather gets up to speed and tells him she'll be notified if Daisy turns up. They kiss, and then entertain themselves with her guitar before discussing Daisy. Daniel tells Heather he'll divorce Daisy in absentia and will need her help. Heather teases he's sleeping with her for legal advice.

Phyllis hangs up from Daniel and answers the penthouse door - it's Ronan. He tells her Christine took him off the case, but he'll stick to his story. He stops Phyllis from going after Christine. She worries about the ramifications of his lie. He reassures her, and then moves in close. Phyllis reminds him she's married to Nick. Ronan husks, "You feel it too, don't you?" He kisses her passionately. She gasps that he should go. He asks her to let him know when she decides to be straight with herself.

Sharon arrives at the tackhouse with a birthday gift for Faith. Noah comes downstairs and confronts her about Victor's funeral. Nick takes Faith upstairs as they bicker. There's a knock - it's the cops. They arrest Sharon.


Jack drops in on Tucker at his office. He's got Genevieve in tow, and says he can prove Tucker manipulated share prices. Tucker guffaws that Genevieve was stripped of her assets by the SEC - they won't listen to her. Jack calls his bluff. Tucker asks for 48 hours. After Jack leaves, he asks Gen what she's up to. She complains about what he did to Victor, and how he made her grovel for every dime. Tucker laughs at her claim that Jack's an innocent victim. They bicker. Gen reads him the riot act for leaving Victor in danger, and says she's helping Jack because he's a good man - he used to be like that too. She reminds him she has his text messages before leaving.

At the ranch, Victor and Nikki discuss Faith's birthday. He expects word on Sharon soon. Nikki's final divorce decree from Jack is delivered. Nikki leaves to meet Katherine as Avery arrives. She tells Victor that Michael confirmed Sharon's arrest. Victor muses, "And so it begins." Avery thinks she'll be behind bars for a long time. Victor also wants an annulment.


At the station, Sharon tells Nick, who accompanied her, to get Victor to get back down. In return, she'll drop her civil suit. Nick hisses that he's there for the kids - he won't go to his dad for her. Sharon says Faith needs her, but Nick thinks otherwise. He says she has to answer for the things she's done. Sharon's taken to a cell and Victor appears. Sharon tells him she merely did what he would have wanted - stopped people from walking on her. Victor points out that she destroyed the pre-nup, called off the search for him, and fired his employees. Sharon reminds him she's the mother of his grandchildren. Victor says he's through with her. Later, Tucker arrives saying he cares about what happens to her. Sharon doesn't believe a word out of his mouth.

At the Club, Nikki tells Katherine that Sharon's being arrested. Kay thinks it's about time she pays. Nikki admits it's sad, but Victor thinks it's best Sharon's not in her children's lives at all. They discuss Nikki and Victor's future. Nikki's not sure what's ahead.

Jack and Genevieve catch up at the Club bar. Genevieve gives him the rundown on her past with Tucker, but insists it's over - they're not the same people anymore. She's determined to win back Jack's trust.

Nick returns to the tackhouse and tells Noah that Sharon's been booked. Avery arrives and warns Nick that Victor will take this all the way. They don hats and bring out Faith's birthday cake.


Nikki and Victor embrace at the ranch and talk about being there for Faith and Noah. When Nikki goes upstairs, Victor pulls out an engagement ring.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Tucker tells Genevieve he'll leave when he's damn good and ready. She threatens to call security.

Eden, with Kyle, tells Paul she's been thinking she should try the hypnosis thing again.

Phyllis asks Nick if he'll be able to trust her again. He doesn't know.

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