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Monday, August 20th, 2012

Phyllis drags Kevin into her mess, Sharon rubs everyone's noses in it and Genevieve gets a new job.

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At home, Phyllis is trying to revive Tim when Kevin shows up at the door. She drags him in. He's distracted by her cleavage until she shows him the body on the floor. She leaps up and down on the corpse until Kevin points out he's really dead. She explains what happened. Billy comes knocking at the door. Phyllis begs Kevin not to say anything for about five minutes. Billy is yelling through the door by that point. Abby calls Billy and tells him to come help her. He heads off. Phyllis asks Kevin to help her roll shrink up in the rug so they can take him back to his place and make his death look natural. "Dead body moving... it's been years," Kev comments.


Phyllis and Kevin drive along with the cadaver. He runs down the checklist of what they need to do to cover the crime. A cop car comes up behind them but they aren't stopped. When they get up to Tim's apartment, they drop the body on the floor and then try planting him. They hear his landlady coming and Phyllis tells Kev he needs to deal with her. He runs into the hall to head her off and claims he's Chuck, the encyclopedia salesman. "People still use those?" she asks. He tries selling her on volume X. Back in the apartment, Phyllis steals Tim's computer. She sticks her hand out the door and motions to Kev to come back. After he gets rid of the landlady, he returns to Phyllis and they drag the carpet out.


At Gloworm, Genevieve calls Gloria over and explains that she forgot her wallet. She asks her to put her meal on Tucker's bill but Gloria won't. Gloria advises her to learn to live within her means. She wanders off for a second and then comes back to say that Avery has paid for it. Gen walks over and rejects her pity. Avery says it was just her good deed for the day and runs.


In the Newman boardroom, Vikki and Nick refuse to let Sharon take over. "Get out of my chair," Sharon grumbles. She trashes Victoria and then walks around the table saying hello. Everyone avoids looking at her. "Do not even think about messing with me!" Sharon barks. Nick accuses her of being disruptive. Victoria asks everyone else to leave. Sharon and the siblings face-off. She accuses them of being 'outsiders' and the bickering continues. Avery arrives and Sharon announces that she works for her now. The lawyer tells the siblings that Sharon is legally permitted to lead the company. Sharon yells at them some more. "You're either with me or against me," she intones.


Out in the hall, Abby is reporting and promising viewers the inside story. Tucker comes out. He has no comment. "What gives?" asks Abby. Tucker advises her and the other reporters to pack it in. He wanders over to Adam and they talk about how shocked they are that Sharon was actually aware of any legal precedents for her actions. Adam's sure someone must have tipped her off. Tucker suggests that might have been him. Sharon and the siblings come out. She orders everyone to plaster on their smiles for the press conference. They file before the press and she shocks Abby by declaring that she is now 'top dog'. She explains that she is in charge and insists her husband is not MIA. Adam says the board is excited to be working with her. Abby asks Nick to comment. He avoids saying anything and ends the press conference. After Sharon walks off, Billy quizzes the siblings about what's up. Abby's eager to 'take that skank down'. Nick thinks the only person who can get through to her is Adam. The two men walk down the hall and Nick attempts to convince him to do what's best for the company by getting Sharon to back off. Adam offers to talk to her.


Sharon meets Tucker in his office. "For the first time I was in complete control and it was because of you," she says, kissing him. Genevieve walks in and gags. Tucker sends Sharon out and Gen admits she's shocked that he's already moving on with a married woman. "I wouldn't saying 'moving on'," he states. She needs money. He says she's in luck because things are falling to place for him. Tucker tells her they are going to find Victor before anyone else does. They toast to it.


Sharon goes to Gloworm and orders some wine. She tells Gloria her big news. Abby strolls in. "It's official: you're a bitch," Abby snipes. Sharon buys a round for everyone other than Abby because she doesn't want to see her get naked and hit someone with a car. After Abby stomps off, Sharon calls the head of Newman security to call off the search for Victor.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tuesday on The Young and the Restless:

"Were you two just working on the website?" Chloe asks Kevin and Phyllis.

"Go to hell," Sharon tells Adam.

"I'm giving you the opportunity to make a boat load of money with me," Tucker tells Genevieve.

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