I Am Victor Newman.

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Sharon makes her move, Phyllis plots against Tim, and Victor gets in a fight.

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At home, Phyllis reads a bottle of pills that warns not to operate heavy machinery. Nick comes in to get files upstairs. Tim calls to say he's looking forward to tonight. Phyllis sees Nick off and then waits for Tim. She puts pills in a glass of wine.


At Crimson Lights, Kevin tells Chloe and Adam that Phyllis hasn't responded to his offer yet - she does have some other stuff on her mind. Chloe says she'll pitch the site to Billy as a feature. Adam asks Kevin to follow up with Phyllis. Kevin is upset that he seems to be giving orders, but agrees. Adam goes. Kevin says he acts like they work for him.


Tucker joins Sharon at Gloworm and shows her a book open to 'Kaplan vs Kaplan', which they talked about last night. She says it's extreme. He agrees, and tells her as long as her hubby's MIA, she's in for the ride of her life. Later, Nick arrives and asks Sharon to abandon whatever plans she has for the meeting for the sake of their kids. Sharon scoffs at his approach, and suggests he start treating her with respect. Nick counters that Newman is their kids' legacy - they can't have the shareholders freaking out. He says he knows she'd do anything to protect their children's future - it's who she is. Once alone, Sharon reads her book and curses Victor.


At the bar, Victor and pulls out money to pay for a shot. His neighbor throws some dice across the bar and suggests he make it into more. When the guy tries to cheat him, Victor gets physical and delivers a warning. Things get tense and Victor heads outside with several men. Victor returns looking beat up, but there are two unconscious men outside!


Billy and Vikki flirt at home, but agree they have no time to go upstairs. They talk about his show. She tells him, this time, she wants him to make the Newmans front and center. Billy says he's man enough to admit he's scared. She replies that she merely wants him to cover their Newman press conference. He's reluctant, but agrees to send his best reporter. Abby arrives complaining about Victor's continued absence to Vikki. Once alone, Abby tells Billy, "Episode 2!" Chloe arrives with the producer and asks Billy if he'd like to know what the people think of Bubbles the Blonde. Abby glares. They read insulting reviews at each other. The producer asks what Billy's scoop on Phyllis is for the next show. Billy squirms out of answering. Chloe says Phyllis might be doing Tag 'n' Grab. Billy is resistant to doing infomercials. They all bicker. Abby wants Billy to help her prove she's more than a pretty face.


At Newman, Nick tells Vikki that he thinks he convinced Sharon to back off. He wishes Victor would get in touch. Adam arrives, and says, "Ah, you're here. What fun for us all." They bicker over what to tell shareholders about Victor's disappearance. Adam mocks their deep reverence for family. Tucker appears. He tells Nick that he talked to Sharon, but she's a tough read. Nick opens the meeting saying Victor's taken an unexpected leave of absence. Nick and Vikki say they will provide a united front to the media downstairs. In the lobby, Abby joins the press as Restless Style's reporter. Upstairs, Nick wraps up the meeting. Sharon enters. "We can start the meeting now." She informs them she will be controlling her husband's shares and voting in his place during his absence. She intones, "Until Victor Newman returns, I am Victor Newman."


At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Billy approach Kevin about Phyllis. He tells them she hasn't responded. Billy tells him to get her on board so he doesn't look like an ass on television. Kevin's irked at people giving him orders. Chloe and Billy get to discussing his plan to give Phyllis a heads up - he can sometimes be a decent guy.


Tim arrives at Phyllis's penthouse, reveling in seeing Phyllis glowing in her natural habitat. She hands him a glass of wine, but he wants to drink the wine he brought. Phyllis convinces him to taste her wine. Tim spits it out - he needs everything to be perfect tonight, including the wine. Soon, Tim's ready to get busy. Phyllis stalls by going upstairs to change. She searches in the medicine cabinet for something to knock him out. Downstairs, Tim pops a couple Viagras and knocks them back with Phyllis's wine. She returns and stalls more by dancing. He has a heart attack and falls on the floor dead. Phyllis flips, "No, Tim, you are not dead! You are not dying in my apartment!" Kevin knocks on the door.


Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Abby, on camera, says, "The drama is on here in the heart of Genoa City."

Sharon hollers at the board, "Do not even think about messing with me!"

Phyllis drags Kevin inside, "You can help me save the sonofabitch."

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- Candace Young

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