Are You Serious?

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Evidence surfaces, Paul gets a lawyer and Daniel is cleared.

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Billy is walking around the house talking to the baby. He wants to make breakfast for Victoria but she's already awake and brings him a plate of waffles as she worries about Adam. They catch up and then she asks him to reassure her about Johnny. She worries about Chelsea. He promises that she does not want their son and tells her to put the thought out of her mind. Vikki wants some Bloody Marys and thanks him for being so confident about everything.


Adam rolls over in bed with his fiancee. Chelsea is happy and disgusted. She recalls the previous night. He tries distracting her with sex. After that, she talks about how appalling Jeffrey is. He assures her she's nothing like him. They flirt and shower. Once he has pants on, he suggests they get a house. She'd love that. He gets the mail. Her GED results are in. She passed. Chelsea thanks him for helping to make her dream come true. He wants to jet to Europe but she just wants to go to Gloworm. She's thinking about making peace with Jeff and Anita. "Life is good!" she declares.

Adam and Chelsea arrive at Gloworm only to have Billy and Vikki walk in a moment later.


Heather finds Daniel eating muffins with Lucy at Crimson Lights. She explains that she's removed herself from the investigation. He pays his condolences for Ricky and they talk over the Daisy case. "I always knew we had the wrong guy," she assures him. She's never seen him as dangerous. They talk about Lucy and how much she must miss her mom. Daniel guesses she wants to hold her so he hands her over. He thinks she'll be a good mom some day.

At the station, Nina visits Paul. He hasn't been able to sleep. She promises to get him out of there as soon as she can. Christine arrives to help. She sobs and hugs him. He wants to get out for the funeral.


Ronan and Michael are discussing how to corroborate Paul's story. Michael is sure Daisy will not be easy to find. They watch surveillance video from outside Ricky's room and wonder what he threw away in the hall. Michael heads out, running into Christine on the way for a little chat. She wanders over to Ronan and tells him she would stake her career on Paul acting in self-defense. The cop still has a lot of questions. He and Christine go in to question Paul. She doesn't think he should be answering questions but he wants to help. Ronan shows him the video. Paul has nothing to say about it. Ronan thinks Ricky must have known he was about to die or he wouldn't have confessed. The cop thinks he was confessing to get pity. When Ronan walks out, Nina interrogates him about how he's treating Paul and wonders if he's being so harsh because of her. "Are you serious?" he asks. He reminds her Paul killed someone and he has to get to the bottom of it. She thinks he hasn't changed at all and flounces off.


At the Club, Lauren tells Phyllis that Paul wouldn't have lied about what happened. She can't believe he has to live with killing his son. Lauren assumes her friend must be relieved at least. Phyllis needs to see a body on a slab first. They pray that Daisy's out of their lives for good this time. Michael wanders by to kiss his wife and get some cold shoulder from the redhead. Once he's gone, Lauren admits she's not crazy about her husband being the DA. Later, Daniel shows up and tells them about his run-in with Heather.


Upstairs, Michael questions the chambermaid with some cops. She doesn't know anything. The DA questions her about the newspaper. After some pushing, she admits she noticed it and found something inside. She hands over a wallet and phone.


Michael hurries back into the station and shows Ronan that they got Daisy's phone and wallet. Ronan will agree that this looks bad for Ricky and that Daniel can be excluded from investigation. Michael's relieved and calls to tell Daniel. He and Ronan start wondering if any of this evidence would clear Paul. Meanwhile, Christine returns. She goes in to see Paul and announces she is taking a sabbatical so she can stay there and help him. Paul's overwhelmed and hugs her.

A cop delivers a box of Ricky's personal belongings to Heather.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"The only thing we have proof of is Paul shooting an unarmed man," Michale tells Christine.

"No one blames you if you don't remember anything," Paul tells Eden. She replies, "I do remember some things."

Daniel tells Phyllis, "You make it sound like you want them to find a body." Phyllis replies: "I am trying to protect your daughter.

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