Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Cane receives a cryptic message, Katherine holds a barbecue, and Victoria reacts to Adam and Chelsea's news.

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At the Club, Cane tells Lily he's still thinking about the mysterious gift - Samantha's doll and his favorite race car. He feels it had to be Colin, but thinks it's weird, even for him. Nearby, Tucker offers to put Genevieve up elsewhere due to the police presence. She says she's fine. He tells her he's taking Sofia and Ashley to his mother's barbecue. Gen joins Lily and Cane and they talk about why Colin would mess with Cane's head. Cane won't let it ruin things. Suddenly, Cane gets an email on his phone. It says, "How do you like the presents, Claude? Love, Cheryl." Cane explains he and Samantha used those secret names for each other. Colin couldn't have known, but Gen might have. Gen protests that she never heard those names before now. She exclaims that she's the last person who would use his sister's memory to torment him! Cane apologizes. He can't figure out who would know those names. Gen thinks it's Colin and leaves, upset. Cane is determined to find out who's behind this.


At Crimson Lights, Victoria tells Ashley she's missing Billy, but he'll be back soon. They discuss Abby's stunt. Ashley thought she'd outgrown this behavior. Ash confides in her about Tucker. It remains to be seen where it will go. On the patio, Sofia greets Tucker, who tells her Ashley is coming with them. They go in to get her just as Victoria receives a cake with a sparkler and a card from Billy.


In the motel, Carmine chuckles at Abby's excitement over having so many new followers. He says she knows how to work the publicity. She grins that the company hasn't been that bad. Carmine says he's hated every minute of their adventure and is ready to get back. He asks her to call her family first. She admits she called her mother yesterday. He's angry. Abby insists she'll take care of everything. He asks, "You've really got my back?" She says he's a good guy and kisses him. He kisses her back. They make out, and then agree to continue it back in Genoa City.


Chelsea asks Adam, in bed in their suite, if he's really sure he wants to marry her. He wonders where the doubt is coming from. She says her mom raised her not to believe in happy endings, and it's also happened quickly. Adam says, "When you know, you know." Chelsea marvels that the first time he said he loved her was when he proposed. It's like whiplash. Adam muses that they can con anyone else, but they see through each other, and can trust each other. He doesn't need to marry her - he wants to marry her. Chelsea cries, then laughs, and kisses him.


At Katherine's barbecue, Neil and Moses greet Ana and Harmony. Harmony and Neil exchange looks. Devon is teased by Murphy and Kay about his grilling. Devon tells Kay he's glad to have reconciled with Harmony. They talk about forgiveness and starting over. She offers to help him in business. He's thrilled. Tucker and Ashley arrive and talk to Kay and Devon about Abby's stunt. Neil chats with Sofia. Harmony sits alone. Devon approaches Tucker and thanks him for keeping him informed about Abby and helping Ashley. Devon wants to get back to where they were before. Tucker would really like that. Harmony tries to talk to Ashley, but is told, "You slept with my husband. There's no coming back from that." Neil watches. Later, Devon tells Sofia he's happy - it feels good to let things go. Sofia says things feel right for her now. Murphy hugs Kay as she says it's the best Fourth of July ever. Tucker and Ash leave. Neil tells Harmony she can only do so much where Ashley's concerned. Devon asks and excited Ana to record a song with him. Kay and Harmony watch them. Harmony tells Kay she's not getting romantically entangled again. Meanwhile, Sofia gives Neil the go-ahead to pursue Harmony.


Chelsea and Adam spot Victoria and Johnny at Crimson Lights. They tell her they are engaged. Victoria blurts, "You cannot be serious." Adam says she could have congratulated them. Victoria rants that Chelsea must have an angle and warns it won't change things with Johnny. Chelsea reminds her she's given up her parental rights. Victoria taunts, "The only man nobody wants, wants you." Adam tells Victoria it's enough, and warns her never to talk to Chelsea like that again.


At the Club, Tucker tells Ashley he booked her a spa appointment. She thanks him for being there for her. Abby comes in with Carmine and announces he's her boyfriend. Two cops appear and arrest them!


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Daniel says to Nick and Phyllis, "Maybe Daisy isn't really dead."

Adam tells Jeffrey it's usually tradition for the bride's side to pick up the tab for the wedding.

Michael tells Abby and Carmine this arrest wasn't for show - they're in serious trouble.

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